Auburn Hail Mary Pass Lifts Tigers Over Georgia [VIDEO]


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The Georgia Bulldogs had a comeback against the #7 Auburn Tigers last night that many teams dream of, but never see. After getting beat like a drum during the first three quarters, the Bulldogs were able to rally back from a 20-point deficit in the fourth quarter to pull ahead of the Tigers. Auburn got the ball back with less than two minutes to go, and just when it seemed like a victory for the Bulldogs was guaranteed, the Tigers pulled of a 73-yard Hail Mary touchdown pass that you would not believe.

Watch the video of the Auburn Hail Mary pass below:

The Tigers were 4th and 18 and had 73 yards to go with only 36 seconds left on the clock. What happened next was simply amazing. Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall took the shotgun snap and stepped into the pocket. Rather than throw to an open receiver, he threw the ball down the field into double coverage, and it looked like the ball was going to be intercepted. Sure enough, a Georgia safety got his hand on the ball. Instead of coming down with it or knocking it down, though, he tipped it right next to receiver Ricardo Louis.

"When I saw it get tipped around, I knew we still had a chance," Marshall said. "It was a live ball. I saw that Ricardo still had his eyes on the ball. That's something we work on at practice: keep your eyes on the ball." After the ball was tipped, Louis reached out, bobbled the ball a couple of times and then took possession of it and ran straight to the end zone. Judging from Louis's reaction in the end zone, he was just as shocked as the rest of us.

"I couldn't believe it," Louis said. "It just landed right into my hands. I saw it once it got over my shoulder. It got tipped, I lost track of it...but when I looked over my shoulders, it was right there."

As for Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, it was easy to see he was frustrated with how the end of the game played out. After leading his team to three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to take the lead, only to see an almost guaranteed victory snatched away brought a strong reaction from the senior quarterback on the Georgia sideline. Murray was seen slamming his hat on the ground in disgust after the touchdown.

"That's a freak play," Murray said. "It's like a nightmare. You try to wake up, and we are celebrating victory. It's tough. This is going to be a tough one to get over."

Auburn's win over Georgia guarantees the Tigers keep their Top 10 ranking this week and kills any chance the Bulldogs had of winning the SEC-East. Now that the Bulldogs lost, Missouri will take the East unless they lose one more game. If that happens, the South Carolina Gamecocks will claim another division title.

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