Attract Buyers to Your Web Site with Power Words

    June 9, 2003

What are power words? Power words elicit emotions and create visual pictures in your readers’ mind. Here are twenty of the most important words that have proven to attract attention, motivate prospects to buy, and increase sales. Use them in your web site’s headlines and copy.

FREE Free trial offer. How to generate free online traffic.

YOU Do you want to get out of the rat race? Do you want to make serious money?

NEW New material never before shared in public.

DISCOVER In this article, you’ll discover web sites and resources that will help you generate more profits.

AMAZING Find out how you can start in this amazing business today!

BREAKTHROUGH Listen to what customers say about these breakthrough techniques. Find out the hottest new Internet marketing breakthroughs.

LATEST Get the latest techniques to developing your web site.

PROVEN Three proven ways to get people to open your emails. A proven technique that will generate sales and profits for your web site automatically.

GUARANTEE Guarantee yourself a top ranking on Yahoo. Marketing expert reveals powerful marketing strategies guaranteed to increase your profits. Our system is backed by a 100 percent zero risk guarantee.

MONEY Seven distinct ways to make money with your web site. Four key ways to make money with an ezine.

TOP Top 10 ways to develop a successful web site. 10 top ways to make your web site more effective immediately.

SECRET Secrets of keyword placement that only the pro marketers know. 10 inside secrets of profitable web sites.

ACT NOW If you want to get in on this rare opportunity, you need to act now!

CALL NOW / CALL TODAY Pick up your phone and call now! Go on… do it right now!

SAVE 66 ways to save time promoting your web site. The techniques you’ll discover in this report can save you a small fortune.

HOW TO How to write compelling copy to attract more people to your web site. How to attract buyers’ attention with compelling headlines. How to use e-mail marketing to increase your web profits.

EASY 4 easy ways to order. You get an easy-to-follow marketing guide. 7 easy ways to increase sales — fast.

REVEAL Free report reveals how to boost traffic and increase your sales on the Internet. Master marketer reveals seven top ways to make money with your web site.

INSIDER An insider’s guide to top search engine ranking. Insider secrets to your own million dollar Internet business.

SUCCESS 10 marketing tips for online success. A blueprint for your online success. Secrets on how to design a web site for success!

Use these power words when writing headlines and content for your web site. They will attract attention to your web site, keep visitors at your web site longer, and convert more prospects into buyers.

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