Attackers on Edwards HQ Come Forward

    March 6, 2007

Earlier this month, grass roots supporters of presidential hopeful John Edwards took it upon themselves to set up an unofficial headquarters for the South Carolina senator within the virtual world of Second Life.

The news broke a little less than three weeks ago as supporters of the Edwards campaign heralded the move as brilliant strategy to reach out to an entirely new community of voters.

A certain devastatingly handsome journalist, however, made a bold prediction concerning the affair:

I’m laying 10:1 odds the Edwards headquarters will be attacked by flying genitalia within a month.

Any takers?

If you took that bet, I’m here to gleefully inform you that you’ve come out on the short end of the stick.

Last week, the unofficial headquarters for the Edwards campaign was trashed by what officials from the senator’s campaign described as “a group of republican Second Life users” in a profane fashion.

Those taking responsibility for the incident, however, claim otherwise. has the coverage of those taking the credit for the attack:

Guess what: we’re not Republicans. In fact, I’m one of the most hard-core liberals I know… We simply did it for the lulz… The fact you were so bent out of shape to make a blog post on the OFFICIAL JOHN EDWARDS BLOG about how some people placed a bunch of sh*ttingdicknipples on your lawn is mighty telling.

We had something much bigger planned, and the actions of a few in the organization sort of spoiled it… If this sort of hilarity is getting out after something rather routine, we can only dream of what would happen later.

I think I remember stating that launching the campaign in Second Life was a bad idea from the start.

I’m not one to say I told you so…

Actually, who am I kidding? I am one to say it; I told you so.

Gratification, thy name is Second Life.

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