AT&T Has 911 VoIP Fix

    October 11, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The FCC has been pushing VoIP providers to ensure their customers know the limitations of 911 availability over their service, and AT&T now has one solution to a VoIP 911 issue.

Landline phone numbers can be cross-referenced with an index of physical addresses, and cellular phones with E911 technology can be found in communities equipped to locate them by GPS. When a VoIP user goes on the road, 911 centers do not have a way to find that person’s location, USA Today reports.

AT&T has a solution to that. It’s called Heartbeat, and while it is not an elegant fix, it does offer a way to use the Internet to keep track of AT&T’s VoIP CallVantage users.

Once the VoIP adapter has been removed and plugged in at a new location, the AT&T will ask the user to identify his new location. Limitations of the plan would be the voluntary compliance of the user, and a coverage area that only serves about half of the “public safety administration points” in the US.

The FCC will have to approve the Heartbeat plan, which it received last week. Other providers like market leader Vonage have been working to comply with the FCC on 911 advisory issues in advance of a November 28th deadline.

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