AT&T Has No Price For Next iPhone

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AT&T has not yet set a price for the new version of Apple’s iPhone, according to AT&T’s chief financial officer.

"There’s not been a product announcement. There hasn’t been any pricing decisions made. That’s yet to come," CFO Rick Lindner told the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in New York.

Linder said AT&T, has more than 2.5 million iPhone customers, with the average subscriber paying close to $100 a month on services after spending as much as $500 for the phone.

"It comes down to economics, how many units you think you can sell at different price points," Lindner said. "That’s how pricing is determined on just about any device."

As the exclusive carrier of the iPhone, AT&T has said it anticipates a next-generation iPhone that operates on faster, 3G networks in the coming months.

Dan Hesse, Sprint Nextel’s CEO, and other executives at the company have been promoting the Instinct, a touch screen phone developed with Samsung that will be able to surf the Internet at faster speeds than the original version of the iPhone.  The Instinct is set to launch on June 20.

AT&T Has No Price For Next iPhone
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  • http://www.apple-iphones.info frankyyj

    Personally I think pricing for a phone is crazy when you think of what your monthly cost is to use all the options of your new expensive phone.  Figure you’ve just paid $500 for a phone then $150 (avg usage for full data and features) / month.. you’re looking at $2300 inital year cost and $1800 reoccuring yearly charge.. that’s if you don’t upgrade every year or two.  Love my iphone, but it is an expensive gadget.  Can’t wait to see the prices on the new G3’s.  Cheers…

  • http://www.php-web.info/ alex

    It was interesting, thanks ^)

  • myopinion

    I have an iphone and enjoy all of its features feel and interaction the phone offers. The price is not that bad when you concider it is not just a phone for the $500.00 Price tag.

    The phone side of the device basicly cost you $99.00, a fair market cost for a "Smart Phone" from any carrier. The balance of the cost is the included "Touch ipod".  Your right, you can’t buy the "iphone device" without the ipod tagging along, but if you were tired of carring your ipod and cell phone around as two seperate devices then be happy, you don’t have to anymore.

    Buying an iphone is no different than buying any personal device, it will be improved and if you want to stay on top of the curve and always have the newest and best,  you upgrade. Manufactures count on it.  It is an expensive "addiction" but we do the same for our home computers,  cars, clothing and kitchen appliances.

    "When we think about it, did we ever "really" need cell phones, when was the last time you were actually left alone to enjoy a moment , a drive or a view"

    Just my opinion!



  • http://anasheed.aarabiah.net/ Guest

    very intersting article

    thank you

  • Guest

    I am all for upgrades and understand the I.T. world is constantly evolving, but I would hope Apple & AT & T take into consideration all of us who have purchased the iphone already and now are looking at owning a outdated device in less then 1 year. That would bite to put it mildly. I would hope that some allowances would be in the works for former iphone owners.

    Just my opinion,

    TK in the Midwest

  • http://www.mobiclue.com iPhone software

    Apple’s devices are priced at very high levels . Apple should reduce the price of iPhone ,MAC ,MAC book etc. so people would be more interested in buying these devices . If you compare any Apple device ,you can see that it has less features when compared with the competitors in market .

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