AT&T Galaxy S III Details Announced

    June 5, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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After Samsung announced the impending release of its new flagship Android smartphone for all major U.S. carriers, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint quickly released details on pre-ordering, pricing, and release date for the Galaxy S III. Now, AT&T has finally announced details for the release of the phone on its network.

AT&T will match Verizon’s pre-order date of June 6, and will take orders at physical stores and online. The 16 GB version of the Galaxy S III will cost $200 subsidized, with a 2-year service contract. Oddly, it doesn’t appear that AT&T will be getting the 32 GB version of the phone. Instead, AT&T is offering customers a 16 GB MicroSD card for an extra $39. While this does, technically, mean the phone will come with 32 GB of storage, it is not the same as 32 GB of internal storage plus the extra option for a MicroSD card of up to 64 GB. All three of the other major U.S. carriers have announced they will be offering the 32 GB version.

AT&T is getting something the other carriers aren’t, though: a red case. The Galaxy S III will be available in a red case later in the summer, exclusively on AT&T. The smartphone is available in a white or blue case on AT&T and all other U.S. carriers. Though AT&T didn’t specify a release date, it’s safe to assume the carrier will have it around the same date other carriers have announced, June 21.

“The addition of the Samsung Galaxy S III to our portfolio of 4G-LTE devices gives our customers another truly cutting-edge smartphone to choose from,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president of devices at AT&T Mobility. “With an exclusive red color this summer and the power of the nation’s largest 4G network, AT&T delivers the best wireless experience for Galaxy S III fans.”