AtomShockwave Dropping Ads Into Games

    November 7, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The marketing quest for the young male demographic continues, as AtomShockwave announces it will put ads in its games.

MediaPost noted how AtomShockwave will begin placing ads in the games it hosts online.

“There’s a lot of big blue chip advertisers that are stepping up and want to spend a lot of money on these games,” AtomShockwave CMO Dave Williams said in the report. “They want deep integration.”

Ads will be sold on a per-impression basis. Each impression would last a few seconds in most games, but some ads will be more static and get longer exposure to viewers.

The company thinks its Immersive Network can deliver 10 to 12 million impressions per month, and ambitiously thinks it can reach 50 million monthly impressions next year as it adds more games to Immersive.

In July, Massive Entertainment launched in-game advertisements for the MMORPG Anarchy Online, citing interest from big advertisers like Coca-Cola and Best Buy. Its ads play onscreen in elements of the game, such as billboards or TV screens.

Those advertisers benefit from gamers who play videogames 12.5 hours per week. Each Massive ad in those games plays for 15 seconds, and will likely become a greater presence in game titles that command $10 million budgets for development.

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