Atlanta School Shooting: 14-Year Old Shot

    January 31, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Atlanta officials have confirmed a shooting at Price Middle School this afternoon, where a teacher was injured and a 14-year old student was shot in the head.

While the student’s condition is not being reported at this time, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution says one suspect has been taken into custody. The school is apparently on lockdown and authorities are only allowing school personnel on campus; parents have been advised they will not be allowed to pick up their children yet.

The incident is the latest in a string of public shootings, including one at a Phoenix office building yesterday and one in front of a Texas courthouse today that left a prominent prosecutor dead. After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in December, President Obama has spoken at length about gun control measures, a controversial topic at best.

This is a developing story; please check back with us for updates.

  • crystal peek

    I’m home schooling my kid. Screw taking a chance at having his head blown off by some fucking fruitcake or psycho kid. I’m sure other moms feel the same.
    And P.s. Amanda, my kid is probably more amazing than yours, lol. Just Kidding.
    IT’s nice to see your a proud parent:)

  • Candice

    Why not bring out the point that the kid was the one that was up to no good? And because someone was armed a CT tragedy was averted.