Asus Under Fire For Transformer Prime GPS Issues

    February 13, 2012
    Zach Walton
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It’s the iPhone 4 reception problem all over again – it’s just turning into a class action lawsuit this time.

Colin Fraser is leading a class action lawsuit against Asustek for their Transformer Prime tablet. The lawsuit alleges that the metallic case of the tablet makes its GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities useless according to Courthouse News Service.

Fraser opens with his ordering of the tablet in December of 2011. Before it even arrived to his home, he was made aware of “hardware problems … relating to Transformer Prime’s GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities.”

The plaintiff states that in a letter from Asus’ customer service department, the company acknowledged the problem and said it was a “result of the spun aluminum back panel which effectively blocks GPS signals.”

Fraser goes on to say that numerous blogs and forums discussed the issues the tablet was having and even created an online petition for a fix or recall. Asus, according to the plaintiff, said that only a few in the first batch “were victims of this design flaw and they recalled 300 units.”

The petition didn’t find Asus’ solution to be satisfactory, however, and claims that “end users have found that the Wi-Fi issue is much more widespread, in addition we are finding that GPS and Bluetooth issues are also a likely result of the same design flaw.”

The petition goes on to say that Asus removed GPS from its spec list, and then announced a new Transformer Prime that eliminated the offending back plate that was causing the problem in the first place.

At this news, people petitioned Asus to either replace the back plate on their current model or let them trade it in for the new model.

Fraser claims the company was aware of the problem and apologized for it in a Facebook post:

The ASUS Transformer Prime is made from a metallic unibody design, so the material may affect the performance of the GPS when receiving signals from satellites. Please note that this product is not a professional GPS device, and signal performance can be easily influenced by factors including, but not limited to: weather, buildings, and surrounding environments. Please understand there are limitations when using the GPS function. To avoid inconveniencing users who demand a powerful GPS device, we made the decision to remove it from our specification sheet and marketing communications. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Fraser then goes on to say that he finally received his Transformer Prime on January 16 and “almost immediately … began to experience significantly reduced GPS performance which rendered the device unreliable and not functional.”

“Upon information and belief, plaintiff’s reception problems relating to the GPS are not unique and individuals across the country have experienced similar problems following their purchase of the Transformer Prime.”

“[T]hese problems are, without question, the result of the Transformer Prime’s defective design and/or manufacture (‘… no RF window …’) and there is no foreseeable manner to remedy the defect on the existing device,” Fraser says.

Fraser seeks an injunction and damages for “negligence, defect in design, manufacture and assembly, breaches of warranty, violations of California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act and business and professions codes, and negligent misrepresentation.”

Have any of you, the readers, experienced problems with the Transformer Prime? Does this issue warrant a class action lawsuit? Let us know in the comments.

  • Bill Vance

    I have a Transformer Prime and I think that it warrants a law suit. The GPS performance is definitley dimished and while not “professional” grade isn’t even normal grade in my opinion. I have also had Wifi issues. I had a trip a coupe of weeks ago and I literally had to go sit close to all the hotel’s Wifi antennas just to be able to use Wifi instead of being accessible from the rooms. This is a quality issue in my opinion. How could they release the Prime with these issues. This is a lot different that the other ASUS products that I have bought in the past that worked perfectly.

  • Michael

    The prime has been out of stock just about everywhere I’ve looked. Aware of the GPS issues I was hesitant to order. However, according to Asus, they have been working on a “fix”. Assuming a fix would be available soon, I ordered one last week and am expected to pick it up this Wednesday. I wonder what’s going to happen now.. I’m also curious if they had stop production all together because of these issues. If they have known about a defect that could not be remedied and still continued to sell the product, then yes I think a class action lawsuit is warranted.

    • tony vc

      Yesterday afternoon Iwas at best buy and they have a decent stock. I dont undestand why it’s sold out at other places. I wasnt aware of this gps issue until now

      • http://www.shop.com/stmaries Susan S.M.

        Tony, are you sure you’re looking at the right model? This is the Transformer Prime 201. I just checked on Best Buy’s site and many others and everyone is sold out. I think Michael’s right when he suggested that they are out of stock and hopefully fixing the problem.

        Michael, I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting it exchanged if your Tablet has issues. Good luck! I can’t wait to get mine.

        • Michael

          Yes, best buy had plenty of the TF101, but not the Prime. That’s actually where I ordered mine from. It’s supposed to be delivered for in store pick up tomorrow. I was soooo looking forward to this tablet, but with all the complaints, I don’t know what to expect. However, people are also reporting flawless devices. It’s almost luck of the draw… I’ll see how long I have till I could return the product back to best buy. If I have any issues at all, with no fix within the return timeframe, I’ll just have to take it back. I really don’t want to take that route though.

  • CJT

    The words ‘mountain’ and ‘molehill’ come to mind. My Prime is absolutely fine – in fact it’s exceptional. If this guy is so disappointed he could just return the item and move on, like anyone else can.

    • Nigel

      I couldn’t agree more. The GPS reception is not great, but who cares? Who uses a 10″ tablet to navigate in a car going 60 mph anyway? Dead people, that’s who. I actually get better wifi reception on my Prime than other devices (Kindle Fire, HTC Sensation) and routinely get 22mbs on the Prime vs 18mbs download on the others at home. Overall the Prime is an excellent product and I am thoroughly happy with it.

      • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

        I’m glad to hear that you’re not having any issues with the device. I must ask, however, if you have one of the original models or one of the new models that apparently fixed the issue. It seems that the customers are unhappy about the original product being defective and then fixing it without addressing the original concern.

        • Nigel

          I am not quite sure what you mean by ‘newer models’. It is my understanding that Asus has tried to address the GPS/wifi issues with series of OTA firmware updates. The hardware has not changed, unless you are referring to the as yet unreleased TF701.

          I received my Prime mid January from Newegg and the wifi and GPS performance have remained pretty consistent in spite of the multiple firmware updates. I am happy with the wifi performance, which is especially significant since this is a critical aspect of the Prime’s functionality. I really don’t care too much about the GPS: it will lock to about 30ft accuracy on the GPS Test app (compared to 10ft for my HTC Sensation). I really do not see this as an issue for a tablet. If these problems existed on my phone, which I use for in car navigation, it would definitely be a different matter.

  • WTA

    Usually, in a class action lawsuit, no one wins except the attornies filing the suit. They collect big fees and the plaintiffs in the action get very little in terms of settlement. However, it seems that ASUS is stonewalling on these issues, which aggravates those that spent a fair amount of money in purchasing the Prime. ASUS needs to respond in a more positive manner and fix the problem.

  • Brawnyllama

    i have yet to determine if the GPS is working at all. Location services do not seem to funtion without wifi. I have never gotten the lat long unplugged from the net. I would hate to have to go through a lawsuit for a return as I genuinely like the device. Would rather hold judgement till root boot loader and ‘gps fix’ hits. It is first in a new class of horsepower in this form, of course it will have issues. A GIS input device it is not.
    I rcvd my 64GB Jan 13. and overall have been very pleased. fwiw.

  • YourMother

    So let’s see.

    According to the article, he orders in December, and is aware of the problems before it arrives, but doesn’t cancel his order. (As far as I can find, the first reports about gps issues came in around December 21.)

    Then Asus apologizes on January 3, and removes GPS from its specs.

    The guy still doesn’t cancel his order.

    Finally, his package arrives on January 16th and sure enough those problems are there.

    So he sues.

    Come on… When you see a sign that says “Caution, hot coffee,” what do you do?

    Oh wait, that’s right. You sue McDonalds.

    (Incidentally, I have flawless Wifi reception with mine. Don’t know about GPS, but I live in a big city, commute by train, and haven’t found a use for it yet.)

  • Keith

    I agree with everything posted in this article and is the reason I returned mine. On one hand I appreciate Asus’ communication in admitting the flaw however, it was pretty disappointing for them to announce an updated version at CES just days after admitting the flaw with this one and touting that the new version will basically correct the mentioned defect and add only two new features. A 2MP front camera and a higher screen resolution. That was the final decision for me to return it. I would join this lawsuit had I not been able to return mine. Pretty disappointed with what I thought was going to be the perfect Android tablet.

  • Josh

    My asus transformer prime has never connected to GPS outside of my house. It has however connected to Wifi without much problem, but doesnt have the best signal range. What bothers me is that Asus doesnt fix this product but instead come out with a new model with the fix (Thats pretty much making people pay for a 100% working product) i think Asus should either replace the back cover of the Prime or let people replace it for the one thats coming out in later months. Asus needs to take responsabilty for their products and do the right thing and fix the problem. People are now learning that Asus is not the best to their customers and will look at other companies like Samsung before buying an Asus product.

  • Maurice

    I have had my prime for a month. I have had few problems. At first minor wifi, (fixed with last update). Minor problems with gps, (again fixed with the last update). I did think about returning it. I stuck in there because Asus has provided support for the prime and has only made it better with each update. As of now i dont even turn my desktop anymore. It was the best invest i made.

    Users like this make me sick, i hope he dosen’t ger a dime. Lowlife.

  • Carter Hansen

    I think this Lawsuit only touches on the tip of the iceburg.

    In my opinion, with my prime, the WiFi is OK, and GPS is non-existant. For me this still warrents a useable device. (although not as advertised )

    For me, the REAL problem lies in either the software optimization or the Tegra3 chip it’s self. Many people (myself included) are suffering from random reboots, the tablet eating battery, disk i/o transfer, the tablet going to sleep and never waking up. And these are just a few of them. Then, when RMA’d and returned to ASUS people are having over month waits, or getting their tabs back still broken, or with even more damage than when sent out. (which is worse than those who have hung on to them and have been going over a month with a tablet they can’t even use)

    I’m happy to see a lawsuit come out of this, I just hope it eventually encompases all the Prime’s issues and Asus’s shotty job of dealing with them.

  • Caddygirl

    I agree with the lawsuit. I received my TF201 on January 2nd and experienced the same wi-fi and GPS issues mentioned above. I contacted ASUS to see if I could trade it in for the new one coming out in the second quarter, but the rep I spoke to told me I could not. I returned the TF201 to Best Buy the next day for a full refund. I’m an Android girl, but I’m thinking about the IPAD. I’m so dissappointed with ASUS.

  • ialadji

    I agree. The only reason I have to take back my asus tablet is the WiFi issues. I may have now to just wait for ipad3.

  • Meatman

    I agree with Brawnyllama regarding class action lawsuits. No one wins but the lawyers. Even if they win the suit will all you crybabies be happy with your $10 settlement? This will cost Asus and I look at it as almost a nuisance suit. Who the heck uses a 10″ tablet as a GPS device? AND if you are using a tablet DRIVING DOWN THE ROAD aren’t you hitting a Hot Spot that has WI-FI anyway? Everyone has GPS on their phone and many of us have Garmin’s or Tom Tom’s. Unless Colin Fraser is a lawyer or at least struck a separate deal he is being used by the leaches we call attorneys.

  • jerry lightning

    I got my transformer prime last Sunday at best buy , it already came with ice cream sandwich as operating system . The first problem I noticed is that the unit reboot without any warning . I tried to re set the unit without a fix , my prime continued to reboot unexpectedly , multiple times since last Sunday . The second problema is the WiFi I noticed my prime has low or weak signal on WiFi even I am near my router at home …. I bought this transformer prime thinking it would be great tablet to have one , I have great expectation about this gadget . But since I noticed this problem it kind of disappoint me . I did not expect this things, to happen on the so called no. 1 tablet to date . I was convinced buying this unit maybe because of asus good advertisement gimmicks, which features a powerful tablet with powerful specs which turn out to be less great , and less powerful tablet .

    • sam

      I agree with this litigation. For one asus messed up ….end of story. They rushed these out to try and get them available for xmas and to beat other manufacturers to the punch with 4core and ICS. They knew what the market wanted and tried to deliver like any smart company would do, BUT they charged top dollar and didn’t deliver on thier promise. If they removed the spec then they should have reduced the price to reflect that and reimberse the difference to those who bought it.
      And lets be honest, how much can a peice of plastic cost them. They are already making them. They could at least send them out to owners who want to replace it them selves if this is actually the issue. Has anyone taken off the back and tested it to see if their is improvement? If not then there is definatly reason for a lawsuit because this would prove they are lieing about a hardware issue. I own a prime and me and my wife took a trip last weekend and brought it along to use as a gps. Contrary to what some people are saying here I think alot of people want to use it this way because not everyone travels alone and we all know that a larger screen making things easier see. Frankly who wants to use a tiny phone screen for GPS. Anyway the GPS would not find a satelite so no it dosen’t work unless your on wifi witch is lack luster at best. I also suffer from reboots even after the updates (all of them). SO I think Asus can come out ahead of this if they’re smart if they make it right with their customers or they will just buy a different one.

  • RG

    I also have the Prime. Not a single issue with wifi, bluetooth, hang ups, etc. ICS working like a charm. I’ve it always in normal (burn) mode, browsing Internet in simply delicious. GPS is a bit weaker than my phone (Droid 1) but still usefull…

    Can’t be happier with my purchase. Long live TF Prime!

  • Jeff

    What damages? It doesn’t work as advertised … return it and go to the next product.

    Do NOT include me in your freaking lawsuit!

  • http://www.idzyns.com Mike

    My prime is great aside from the GPS. I have yet to see it connect. Always searching. I even gave it the benefit of the doubt and tested outside. As an iPad first gen owner (and I use it everyday) i think the prime is as good and better on many many levels. On iOS5 my iPad crashes all the time and Facebook app has never worked right. – The prime has its flaws and I do think Asus should offer an upgrade path or a back panel replacement but outside of that it is a great device. My wifi has been fine as well. it does show less bars in the front of my house than my iPad does (about 60feet and 10+ walls in the way) but running a speed test they are both pulling over 9mb a sec. and I was able to stream TrueGrit from netflix at that location with no issue at all. – I do think that the the iPad apps are a bit better over the Prime but that really is a time thing. One has been around much longer than the other. — By the way, HBOgo get it together and get on the Android tablet. – I need to finish ROME.

  • Mark S.

    I too find it very frustrating that just after admitting poor gps and wifi that a brand new model is coming out. I mean just to sweep a malfunctioning GPS under the rug by removing it from the tech specs? This whole thing was handled very poorly. I pre-ordered mine back in November. I received it on the 23rd of Dec. Mine has not been plagued by all the nasty stuff everybody else has been complaining about. But my GPS takes like 10 min. to lock onto anything outside. Wifi is sub par in comparison to the TF101 I had previously. I think Asus should have had a trade in program to get the backing replaced with one of the new ones coming out with the new model. Hell I dont mind paying $25.00 bucks to have them do it, if it fixes the wifi and gps issues. I fully agree with the lawsuit if it wakes Asus up to the fact you just cant treat your customers like poop and pretend your product is perfect when it’s not.

  • Terry Williams

    I’m also having problems with my GPS, WIFI, BLUETOOTH AND RANDOM REBOOTS. I recieved an email from Asus recommending a total wipe and if I still have a problem I can send it in for repair. I have done a wipe and still having issues with the GPS, WIFI and random reboots. Why haven’t Asus offered a refund like they did the customers in the UK. They put out a bad product knowing it was bad and they want us to accepted it. I have contacted them asking for a refund. Let’s see what happens.

  • Adrian W. Sebborn

    I preorded a prime 64. Even outdoors my prime has a hard time getting a lock on satellites. I love the unit but it was advertised as having GPS and it just isn’t usable. Asus response to remove the spec from the advertising does not change the fact thet I did not get what I was told I would. It would seem that all the big car companies have been wasting money fixing problems on cars they made when they could have gotten away with just changing the spec sheets.

  • mike

    Why do you need a lawsuit anyways? Just return the damn thing to the store most places offer 14 days return policies and some up to 30 days so if you bought yours online ship it back to Amazon.com for a refund. I just think these people are being pricks.

  • Janet

    Transformer Prime has been much anticipated due to the media sensation generated by Asus themselves as part of the copy-cat Microsoft-style pre-release marketing ploy. However, this has backfired at Asus because the Prime was engineered by a bunch of idiots who ignored the basic principles of RF.

    Now, with stall walling approach, Asus is building what will become a major PR disaster for keeping the anxious consumers in the dark. In other words, Asus is heading down that road of self-destruction.

  • Bill

    I applaud the class action lawsuit against ASUSTek. Reported Wi-Fi and GPS issues preceded the transformer prime’s release however ASUS tried to remain mum about the problems. When the product was delayed because of these issues press releases from ASUS attributed the delay to trying to work out the logistics of unanticipated demand. With the transformer prime ASUS has behaved as a bad corporate citizen. They attempted to ‘hoodwink’ buyers and hoped the problem and the complaints associated with the model would just go away. And how did ASUS finally deal with this problem? They showed they were completely out of touch with their customer base and announced “a new transformer prime model” while preorders for the faulty TF201s were still being filled. So, what were dissatisfied buyers to do? Individuals and individual complaints did not seem to be worthy of ASUS’s attention. The class action lawsuit will serve to unite those individuals as a collective body. ASUS, do your customers have your attention now!

    Whereas I am not enamored with lawyers or lawsuits, lawsuits are the way our society has of making corporations responsive to the rights of consumers.

    ASUS failed miserably with the transformer prime. Now with the announcement of the new TF700t versus its six month projected release date, ASUS is “primed” to fail again. ASUS has not learned; fortunately, a class action lawsuit is a great learning tool.

  • Ron

    Most users are happy with the product. As for me Wi-fi works fine, and ICS is great. GPS doesn’t really work but that’s not why I bought the prime. As for the lawsuit it’s pathetic. Return it if it’s not working.

  • bob

    Received my prime on one day – returned it to BB on the next.

    Had excellent lock-on to multiple gps sats. wifi was okay – walked all over the front yard and down the street a ways. (Did not test it away from home.)

    My particular problem was that, whenever I pressed on the screen’s lower right hand quadrant, the screen bloomed white. Pressure on other screen areas had no effect. Since we are, after all, talking of a “hand held” device this was not cool.

    Given that the Prime’s problems are all over the map, it is my opinion that, under a perceived sense of consumer pressure to “produce”, ASUS put out a well designed, albeit hastily thrown together product, with virtually no quality control – hoping that all would be okay.

  • RG

    Hope to receive my prime this week from Amazon. I read all the issues with GPS, but who cares? I cannot fathom ONE GOOD REASON to buy a tablet “because” of the GPS. If my Prime is a failure, it will be shipped back to Amazon end of story. If the wifi does not work, it will be shipped back end of story. I think a lawsuit only fair if a person cannot receive proper replacement of refund, but other than that there cannot possibly be “damages”. My credit card covers me for up to one year AFTER the manufacturer warranty so I suspect I have two years before I have to worry about anything going wrong. As I stated, if, within 30 days I find issues, it will be shipped back to Amazon for refund. End of story.

  • Mike K

    I got my prime from Bestbuy.com about 2 weeks ago. I am a basic user who wanted this to surf the web, take notes at work, etc. So far I have been VERY disappointed. This is mainly because my WiFi connection is horrible. I read the reviews and believed that I would be the ‘exception’ to everyone else’s problems. WRONG. Like the other folks who have written, unless I am on top of the wifi signal, I have major problems. At home, I live in a 1500 sq foot ranch with the wireless router in the basement. Unless I am literally above the room with the router, it will not get a strong signal.
    My wife has an I pad, so we sat side by side and searched the same things. EVERYTIME we went to a site or played a video on YouTube, here I pad performed significantly better.
    I am looking at trying to return the prime, but am afraid Best Buy will not accept it since they have a 2 week return policy. I may try tonight or tomorrow!

  • http://www.asustransformer.es Maria

    Mike K,

    Do you still have wifi problems after the last update? it would be normal to have them if you havent updated, but after it should work much better.

  • Eric G.

    I received my Transformed Prime on 1/14/12 and the GPS has worked maybe once since I have owned it. The Tablet works exceptionally well on other tasks but I want to be able to use the Navigator application that came loaded on the tablet. I expect some sort of fix/replacement from ASUS.

  • noel huizar

    Yea Asus give us a refund like you did to UK. My wifi signal blows and gps doesnt work. Just recall them and make it easier for yourselves.

  • jesse

    i had all 10 of my Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 have wifi prob and gps probs so i sent them back i rma them alllll hope fully thay will fix something i wish that they would make back plates for these models but i don’t no what i will get back we will see ?

  • Bob Miller

    I don’t think a lawsuit is the answer. I think Asus should provide a new back with a plastic window. I don’t care too much if the GPS doesn’t track while driving, but when I get to a location I want it to work to find services etc without going to a hotspot. Has anyone tried Co-Pilot?
    As to service response, I e-mailed Asus on the problem. I got an immediate answer back saying I would hear in 48 hrs, and I am still waiting 5 days later. Very poor

  • linda m.

    I have called the company about this problem of certain apps not being able to use ie Ameritrade. The company says its not our problem.

  • Daryl

    I Have too agree with the lawsuit. The GPS issue is annoying but the WiFi signal drops and is inconsistent compared to my iPad and other devices

  • John S.

    After researching tablets fairly extensively into January, I finally decided on the Prime but decided to wait till June for the TF700 due to the GPS/WIFI issues.

    I held out to March when I found a YouTube video on a fix involving pressing the top margin to the right of the camera to seat the pogopins that connect the antennas to their respective components (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgx2Kpfi-Ps)and decided to take the plunge since I like the device so much otherwise.

    Best Buy had had a good stock….until I went to buy one, but they ordered it overnight (on their dime) for me.

    The WIFI was fine with no problems. I use WIFI Analyzer app to monitor the signal.

    When I finally decided to take it outside to check the GPS I could pick up ZERO sats when my Droid phone was picking up 1-10 instantly (yes, I know that’s not fair but it was an indication of signals.) I got 1-2 in Best Buy’s parking lot when I went to talk to the salesman I had dealt with.

    I used the recommended procedure pressing firmly, but not enough to damage anything, along the top right half of the screen margin from the camera to the corner. Then I took it outside and Voila! I am not picking up 10-12 satellites very quickly with good signal strength.

    Next I have to take it for a ride to see if these results can be replicated in the car.

    So far I have no complaints except that ASUS should have shipped the device in an operable condition and not required me to do all the leg work to locate a fix.

  • D. Righter

    Those who are saying we are over-reacting – – remember; we were told to not to return it in the beginning and that the GPS and WIFI problems would be fixed in a firmware or software update SOON… By the time that didn’t happen – – our ability to return the product to Best Buy or where purchased was gone. We just waited weeks to get them – we didn’t want to turn them in… Now it has been 4 months I have had to return mine twice and I still have no functional tablet. Count me in on the suit.

  • James Garrigan

    I just purchased the Asus Transformer Prime and I love everything about it except for the GPS. If they were smart they would just fix it and be done with it. I don’t understand what they are thinking. I know I’m not happy.

  • dave

    I bought the Prime, it arrived GPS “BLIND” not pro or even normal grade, blind for hours no matter the orientation. I returned it. A month later hearing there were fixes, I ordered a second and managed to secure a keyboard as well. It too was blind as a bat the second time I took it outside. Oddly, the first time I took it outside it worked perfect in a matter of seconds. The second time, 4 hours outside it was blind as a bat. It to is going back to Amazon , keyboard and all.

  • Jason

    I have the transformer TF101 and its great I think this law suit is BS you don’t like it take it back and buy a IPAD if you are that technologically challenged. My TF101 upgraded to ICS flawlessly. The only thing I wishwas available is a LED flash for the back cam.

  • Anni

    I do have to say I love my Asus Transformer Prime. I even named him Optimus. I have to admit I am very much a “geek” and anti (cr)Apple, so I would NEVER downgrade to an iPad, ( a pad is what women use during their period, why do I want to use technology named after feminine hygiene products?) That being said, I have had significant issues with the GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth functions. I believe someone questioned why someone would want to use a 10′ tablet when driving 60mph, simple, so i can see the map better. I feel that commenter Is just intimidated by the size, it is entirely possible he is insecure about his GPS or phone only having a 5′. I like my toys big, what good are they if I have to squint to look at them?
    I was on the pre-order list at Worst Buy and after waiting a month and having money removed and returned to my bank account 5 times, experiencing HORRIBLE customer service, and having my emails, calls and old-school handwritten letters ignored I canceled my order and went with Amazon. I will admit to being particular about my tech and waited even longer than most to receive my Tf 201, as I HAD to have the Champagne, not the grey.

    Over all I have few issues with functionality unless I need the GPS. Wi-Fi tends to be spotty and I do need to be relatively near the router for the best performance, I do not use Optimus for gaming as it would totally mess up my game. By the time the internet signal caught up my party would have left me for dead! I take my tablet everywhere with me and do use Wi-Fi at many different locations, I have the same issues everywhere so no replies about my home router.

    Overall, even with the lack of any sort of “g”, the wireless , Bluetooth and GPS issues, the Transformer TF201 is sexy as hell, getting a bit moist just thinking about all the features this amazing piece of tech has , functionality and versatility trump the issues I do have. If and when I have GPS problems I just pull it up on my phone or swing into the parking lot of one of the many many places offering free Wi-Fi to check the directions.

    I do have to say that I agree with the lawsuit IF and only if, Asus does not offer a solution to the problem other than a “patch” . I would really like to see the back panel of my tablet replaced. I am even willing to pay the shipping to send it to them for the fix. It simply comes down to customer service and how many customers Asus wants to retain.

  • Gil Jackson

    I’M HAVING THE same problem. They sent me a dongle, that does absolutely nothing. I also have weak WIFI reception and sometimes it won’t turn on by the power switch, i have to connect the power cord to make it turn on .. i

  • Jason

    I love my tf201 but the wifi and gps are terrible i would love to join a class action lawsuit. But i cant find anyway to join th lawsuit if anyone ha ideas let me know

  • elaine

    I don’t care about the GPS but the weak wifi signal and wifi drops really is unacceptable for a tablet. (My other devices samsung netbook, dell laptop, and ipad do not have any wifi problem) I bought it from fry’s with a 2 week return policy in February. By the time, I realized that it was the Transformer Prime problem, it was too late to be returned. It took me a few months to get a hold of the Asus technical support, after tons of calls and emails. I am debating if I should send it back for RMA or not, since in the email, stated north america is a warranty service center only and they would not provide product exchange upgrade , replacement or a refund. I am not sure how long it would take them to fix my tablet or if they would do anything to fix it at all.