ASP.NET: HttpModule for Moving ViewState to Bottom

    November 28, 2006

There are two reasons why it is desirable to do so.

The first is for letting search engines see more of your content rather than the big portion of ViewState many sites have.

The other is perceived rendering time, which means that the content loads faster because it renders before the ViewState while the total rendering time remains the same.

That will decrease the load time of your website’s content.

Techniques to move the ViewState to the bottom of the WebForm has been published many times before.

What I wanted was adding the functionality to an HttpModule.

The technique to move the ViewState is borrowed from Scott Hanselman while the HttpModule implementation is my own.

As Scott writes, it is a very low impact technique (0.000995 second) even though it hasn’t been fully tested for a variety of scenarios.

The goal I’m trying to achieve is to build a reusable component that has 100% plug n play capabilities.

That’s where the HttpModule comes in.

You can just drop it into any existing website without changing any code.

I see no reasons why not to move the ViewState to the bottom, which makes me believe that Microsoft should have done that by default in the first place.


Download the ViewstateModule.cs below and put in the App_Code folder of your website. Then add these lines to the web.config and you’re ready to go.


   <add type="ViewstateModule" name="ViewstateModule" />


Download (1,06 KB)


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