#AskThicke: Robin Thicke Trend Gets Trolled BIG Time


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Sometimes an idea should just stay an idea. Especially when it comes to celebrities and social media.

Singer Robin Thicke is experiencing one hell of a backlash to both his album Paula, named after his estranged wife Paula Patton, and the “Get Her Back” music video.

To begin with, this is a man who sang "Blurred Lines”, a song that many feminists have outright blasted as date rape set to music.

But apparently it wasn't his musical choices that bothered wife Paula so much as his behavior. The “last straw” involved a live performance of this song with Miley Cyrus.

It was cringe-worthy to say the least.

Many audience members were too busy thinking about the assault on their eyes to consider Patton’s anger and humiliation. She made her sentiments known by separating from Thicke.

Since she dumped him as publicly as he humiliated her, it only makes sense that Thicke chose to keep this entire mess in the public eye.

Why talk things out behind closed doors with a marriage counselor when you can use the shambles of your relationship for PR, with guilt-tripping your woman into taking you back as an apparent bonus.

The "guilt-trip party" continued today as Robin Thicke teamed with VH1 to answer questions posed to the singer on Twitter.

Again….sometimes an idea should STAY an idea!

What happened was that the #AskThicke Twitter trend was flooded by a series of “questions”. Questions that strongly suggest many people think of Thicke as a manipulative misogynist and all around creep.

It’s also clear that the music video “Get Her Back” pinged quite a few radars in terms of disturbing stalker fodder.

Some cynical observers have claimed that both Thicke and Patton probably staged their breakup, but the longer this goes on...the more it seems highly unlikely.

I do not think the backlash would suit Patton’s career.

Ironically, rather than bring them closer together, Thicke’s PR machine and negative album feedback would serve as a valid reason for Thicke’s ex to stay as far away as possible.

Image via Wikimedia Commons