Speaks Up With Mobile Directions

    January 3, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Dial Directions will provide Ask Mobile users with the ability to use a voice-activated service and get driving directions to their destination. Speaks Up With Mobile Directions

Owners of web-capable mobiles can visit the Ask Mobile site and use "Click to Speak" today. Ask said in a statement the service is the first of its kind from a search engine.

Click to Speak will be a free service, usual wireless network charges notwithstanding. Details on getting from place to place, by driving or walking, come from Dial Directions.

Visitors to the Ask Mobile page select the Click to Speak link from the mobile’s browser. After asking for directions, the Click to Speak service returns results in a text message. The results can be viewed as a step by step list, or in the mobile’s web browser via a link in the message.

Even the fastest typists on a mobile device, especially ones with a conventional keypad rather than a qwerty keyboard, will be able to use a voice-activated service faster than a text-based one. We think it’s an intelligent choice by Ask, as everyone who has a mobile can speak comfortably into one and access Click to Speak.