AskCity Doesn’t Find Amsterdam

    December 4, 2006

Hmmm, wonder why Google’s brand in my brain is going up and not down?

You have to look no further than the new “AskCity” which is all the rage this morning over on TechMeme.

First, a little aside. Why can Google do maps with one input box while Microsoft, Yahoo, and Ask need two? That’s lame. Major kudos to Google. It simply is easier to use. And, yes, this is a major reason why I use Google instead of the others. Why? Cause I’ve done hundreds of map searches and invariably I put the wrong thing in the wrong box. Hey, I’m a “stupid Americun.” But Google makes me feel smart ALWAYS.

But, then, I ask, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and AskCity to find me Amsterdam on a map. Just type “Amsterdam” into any of these and see what it does.

Google, Yahoo, and Live do just fine, but AskCity takes me someplace in the United States. Lame. Strike two.

The bar has gotten higher for local services. If you aren’t international you won’t beat Google. Even for a “stupid Americun.”

Oh, and Google was faster than the rest of them too.


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