Ask Revs Up Search For NASCAR

    January 14, 2009
  has partnered with NASCAR and Hall of Fame of Racing to become the official search engine for the sport.

"As part of our strategy to go deeper into the highest-volume categories and provide the best answer, the first time, every time, we want to be the first place fans search online for NASCAR information," said Chief Executive Officer Jim Safka.

Ask Revs Up Search For NASCAR
Jim Safka Chief Executive Officer

"Through these partnerships, we will break new ground by applying our semantic search technology capabilities to NASCAR-related content while also tapping one of the largest marketing channels in America."

Ask is hoping NASCAR fans will continue to use its search engine for broader searches outside of the arena of auto racing and increase its market share.

The search engine for NASCAR is slated to launch on February 15 when the Daytona 500 starts. search will be powered by Ask and it will also feature an Ask tool bar.

Ask has plans to introduce around a dozen more vertical search engines this year that will also be sports related along with other topics.

The company will be the primary sponsor of the No.96 Ask Ford in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and is looking at other marketing strategies with NASCAR.