Ask No Speako El-Spanisho

    May 6, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Nothing like a typo everybody in the world gets to see. was proud of itself for celebrating Cinco de Mayo via its homepage, especially since Google decided not to honor America’s excuse-to-drink-tequila-on-Monday holiday. Presumably the Mexican lass twirling beneath was too busy to question why she was celebrating Cinco do Mayo instead.

Everybody point and laugh

We tried to look it up to see if there was a variation in Spanish prepositions we were unaware of, or if that was Portuguese or some other Latin variant, but Google just corrected our search every time and brought it back the way we know it.

An Ask rep responded in the comments at SearchEngineLand that "it was an honest silly mistake" and tried to divert attention to the homepage update, which focuses on aid for Myanmar. Way to be a pooper, El Buzzo Killero.

Nobody’s immune to unfortunate typos, I guess. I remember a high school essay where, after searching the corners of my brain for a 25-cent, impressive word, I used "placenta" where "plethora" was supposed to be. Kind of a difference, you think? And I speak English. At least only the teacher got to see it.

Still, Cinco do Mayo makes us look forward to Dia deli Mentos and next year’s Semena Santa.