Ask Kevin About The Googgles

    April 2, 2007

Everyone knew the obligatory April Fools Day practical jokes were coming. Some were funny. Some were lame. Some were just flat out bizarre. There were, however, a few jewels that separated themselves from the rest of the ordinary April 1st offerings. Here are the pranks that bear honorable mention.

Matt Cutts: The Hack That Wasn’t

I have to admit; I bought it hook, line and sinker. The timing of it seemed a little suspicious, but who’s to say that hackers weren’t trying to play a little April Fools prank of their own? It never crossed my mind that Matt would actually be behind the whole charade. The 302 redirects were wickedly masterful. Imagine what Matt could do if he focused all that energy on fighting spam instead of taking advantage of naïve journalists such as myself.

3D “Googles”: Don’t Hold Your Breath

As much as the idea of exploring the “metaverse” seemed oh so appealing, sniffing this one out as a hoax wasn’t all that difficult. Still, it was a valiant attempt at chicanery by the folks at Pandia, and for that I must give them props. Ian McKellan as the virtual librarian, though? Come on guys, clearly you should’ve chosen someone with more street cred and broader appeal – someone like our next candidate.

Ask Kevin: I Actually Hoped It Was True

It was brilliant. It was witty. It had that wonderful mélange of outlandishness and subtle hope that comprises the best of all April Fools endeavors. It’s the news item that you’re completely sure has no merit, but at the same time wish was true for the sheer comedic value it would represent to the entirety of the human race. And let’s be serious, would you rather be titled CEO of Ask or President of Keeping It Real?

It’s not even a contest.