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    June 7, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The Smart Answer Geeks at know there is more to the weather than just the temperature and the amount of cloud cover floating around on a given day.

Gary Price and Scott Grieder posted an entry to the Ask blog about Weather Search. With the Ask search engine, the Smart Answer feature displays the results to many weather-related requests atop the search results page.

A simple query for weather followed by a city or zip code, like Weather Lexington, shows the temperature and current conditions. Since there is more than one Lexington in the US, a dropdown box appears below the conditions to allow the visitor to choose from a whole bunch of Lexingtons aside from the one in Kentucky.

Changing the query to Detailed Weather Lexington brings up a 3-day forecast. Wind speed/direction and current humidity (oh joy, 72 percent already this morning) appear for each day.

An option for a 7-day forecast can be clicked to show high and low temperatures and an icon of the projected weather, sunny, rainy, etc, for each day.

Another option, for climate information, shows a Smart Answer about a locale’s general climate conditions for a city by querying for Climate in Lexington. Users can choose other months from a dropdown box, a useful feature for planning what to pack when traveling.

Conditions specific to particular activities, like boating or surfing, also appear as a Smart Answer when available.

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