Ask Follows Google To The Great Northwest

    July 11, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A new datacenter in Moses Lake, Washington, will house an environmentally-friendly server facility with access to low-cost electricity. announced its intention to break ground on a new datacenter in Eastern Washington state. The center will benefit from hydroelectricity, not to mention distancing itself from the greater danger of earthquakes in California.

The search engine cited a need to support greater query volumes and more computing power to drive its latest iteration, Ask3D. That new version of Ask delivers universal search results culled from sources like news, images, and videos, along with conventional web links.

Ask said the datacenter will be within the TITAN complex at Moses Lake. That facility provides a secure environment with zero carbon emissions along with using hydroelectric power and a low-energy cooling design.

Other major Internet players have found reasons to like Washington state. Google and Yahoo also bought huge tracts of land there, and Microsoft, long a Washington resident, did likewise.