Ashley Tisdale Talks ShoeDazzle Care And Marriage


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Ashley Tisdale is a newlywed, but her new life and marriage hasn't stopped her from doing what she loves and helping others.

Ashley recently partnered with ShoeDazzle to design and create shoes that will be sold to make money for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital charity.

Tisdale chose the boot that she wants to represent the charity and explained her reasons for picking it.

"I'm such a boots person," she said on Entertainment Tonight. "I love how it has multiple straps, and since it's all-black, it goes with everything. It's easy to pair with anything like an oversized sweater and leather leggings."

Ashley said that the charity is especially important to her because her grandmother and aunt both passed away from cancer.

"It's a tribute to my grandmother's passing," she added. "And when I chose the charity, they said they would love for me to actually spend some time at the charity before I give them any money, which I thought was really admirable."

Ashley said that she was glad that she did get to spend some time with St. Jude and that the experience really put things in perspective for her.

"To see what they do on a daily basis is an amazing thing," she added. "They pay for everything from housing and food, and everything is so that the child will get better. When I visited, I was like, 'I'll do whatever it takes.' It was so heart-breaking."

Ashley may be busy with her charity work, but she is also enjoying her time as a newlywed. She described the married life to ET saying, "It's great! It doesn't really feel like anything has changed even though it has. It's like I'm married to my best friend."

What do you think of the boot Ashley chose for the charity and her take on the married life?