Ashley Dupre Loses Her Buzz

    March 19, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Ashley Dupre, the call girl made famous overnight, officially beat search champ Britney Spears, according to Google Trends. That can only mean one thing, Britney’s about to do something outrageous!

Just kidding. Now that Dad’s hanging around, we may have less exciting Britney-moments. Maybe now we can focus on real news, like expensive hookers.

Ashley Dupre Not So Hot Now

In the past 30 days, searches for information about Ashley have dwarfed searches for the pop icon, even if there’s less difference in the amount of online news coverage about the two women. The spike was short-lived though and is on its way down. Searches may spike again though in light of the recent revelation that after about fifth-in-line Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis was to offer Dupre $1 million to "work" for him on video, his crew informed him they already had her on tape.

When she was 18, Dupre spent a week on the GGW bus, signed legal releases, and got it on with everybody from other girls to the GGW cameraman.

Ashley Dupre Gone Wild

"So, she was a ho from the get-go," says our lead graphic designer.

Well, technically hoes get paid. According to Francis, who just got out of jail for selling videos of underage girls and is looking at another stint in jail for tax evasion, he had to kick her off the bus for her underage drinking. Plus, as he says on his blog, no "drunken" women allowed on camera. That would just be wrong.

Class act, that Francis, who says Dupre looked better when she was 18. Well, sure. That was before the prison tatts. Francis said he felt like he won the lottery by saving a cool million, and will feel more like that once enough people shell out $30 a pop to check out the 2003 seven-tape series on the website.

So, unlike Hustler, which comes out looking somehow classier in this scenario, which offered Dupre a million to pose, or Penthouse, which offered her a highly-paid spot on their website, or Vivid Video, who reportedly said Dupre could become the next highest paid performer in the adult video industry, Francis gets the goods for:

The cost of the Greyhound bus ticket he "personally" bought for her in Miami so she could get home after being tossed out of her hotel. Thanks for helping me get rich, try not to make eye contact with anybody on the 12-hour ride home.

But nobody’s being exploited, he blogs.

Despite the reported offers that keep coming in from Vodka companies looking for a butt/spokesmodel, book deals, and movie offers, an attorney for Dupre and the other women who were busted in the federal sting fears her window of opportunity may be closing as the buzz dies down. Sure enough, Dupre-related searches are back down to Britney-levels, with US searchers being the most interested. Dupre made a reported $200,000 from downloads of her music (this seems to be the latest number; reports have varied from $13,000 to $2 million), but that interest seems to have stalled as well. Visits to her MySpace page have also plummeted.

It’s hard to say if the Girls Gone Wild revelation will mean the aforementioned adult-oriented businesses will lose interest if there is no real exclusivity or if it just sweetens the deal. But I wouldn’t worry too much about Ashley. She’ll end up making more money in the next few weeks than she did in her entire career as a high-class call girl.

If she plays it smart (I said "smart," not necessarily "morally"), she’ll buck’em all and start her own site. At least then, she’ll be in control of her own exploitation.