Artie Lange Hospitalized After Diabetic Shock

By: Alexandria Sardam - April 15, 2014

Comedian Artie Lange was hospitalized after going into diabetic shock earlier today.

The hilarious man known mostly for his work on The Howard Stern Show seems to be in decent spirits after the scary incident.

The 46-year-old comedian who also performed with the cast of MADtv has been recovering in a hospital in Detroit.

While the pictures he posted online don’t look too reassuring, we do know from the captions things aren’t as bad as they may appear.

Plus, he hasn’t lost his sense of humor…Phew!

His many fan followers were eager to post replies to the picture Lange posted.

Later, Lange took to Twitter again to share yet another picture. This time, the focal point was his road manager. Leave it to the hilarious comedian to make his followers chuckle at a not-so-nice time.

The busy host of The Artie Lange Show is currently on touring doing stand-up. His next show is scheduled for Saturday, April 19, in Los Angeles, however it is unclear whether he’ll be able to perform or not.

Image Via YouTube

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