Article Syndication for Better Search Engine Position

    September 17, 2004

If you’re sick of being #987 for your best Google keyword phrase, here are simple-to-implement changes that can skyrocket your listing (and they don’t have anything to do with what is ON your page!)

First, write some articles. Write at least one article of 150 to 250 words each week. While you can make it “keyword rich,” don’t feel bound by particular keywords. The important key is to make it appealing to publishers.

Your goal is to get other people to run your articles for you.

Second, syndicate your article. Syndication allows other webmasters to use your article on THEIR site. They want to run the articles since it gets them a larger content set as well as can help increase their own search engine position.

You can learn more about syndicating your articles here:

Third, whenever someone places one of your articles on their site-with a link back to yours-give them two links back in return. One link to their main page, and one link to the page your article is listed on in their site.

When linking to your own article, use a keyword rich linking text applicable to the article.

Here’s why this is important:

It is not just the number of links to your site that matters, it is also the relative importance of the pages linking to your site. The more important the pages linking to you, the higher your search position.

So, when you link to the actual pages on which your articles reside, you boost those pages “importance” and ultimately the importance of the link to your page.

But there is even a better way:

If you own more than one site, link from a third site to your articles on other people’s pages. This may help you even more.

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