Article Swapping and Trading Tips

    February 26, 2004

Swapping articles is a great way to improve your search engine rankings and at the same time attract more visitors to your site. Creating an Article Trading Center is the most effective resource you can actually provide your potential visitors. An article trading center is basically where you would swap articles with other webmasters and article authors related to your web site to benefit all parties. This is done the same way as exchanging links but has a higher return on investment or greater results (my opinion).

The benefits to adding an article center to your site:

Adds resourceful content to your website.

Builds your reputation as a valuable resource and online presence.

Provides readily available ezine (electronic magazine) content.

Improves your search engine positioning.

Establishes you as a reliable online resource presence.

Increases your community of contacts and circle of networking.

Why does article swapping/trading have more impact on page rankings than link exchanges?

1. Search engines rarely index links pages, usually because there are usually no external links to them. Which means that link swap you just spent an hour of your day locating and negotiating may not even get noticed by the search engines at all.

2. Your link usually goes on a page full of other links, with few if any external links supporting that page. Which means search engines like Google will give the link minimal weight, even if they find it.

3. The keyword content of the page that links to you is completely beyond your control. Which means search engines may not see the link as relevant to your site’s keywords.

You need to trade articles with quality, website’s that compliment, not compete, with your website. If you exchange an article with a competitor make sure yours isn’t located 10 clicks deep were your competitors is located on your site 2 clicks away. Join some of the article lists to find the type of article you are looking for. You can also visit website’s with article directories.

Article Sites:

Article Lists:

1st way of setting up an Article Swap/Trade:

1. Swapping Articles: Agree on the subject, and swap articles. The page title and contents of your article should include your site’s important search engine keywords, and a byline or resource box with your keywords that links to your website.

2. Publishing: Each webmaster reformats the “article submitted” to fit their site’s layout, and integrates it into their site – in order for this to work, it must be linked to from a page that’s already indexed in all of the major search engines. An article that has links to hit from pages that are not indexed by the engines will never be found.

3. Linking: Each webmaster sets up a link on their website, pointing to their newly submitted “guest article” on each others site. This should be a text link, and it should include your keywords. It must be on a page that’s already in the search engines, but not the same page your article links to – search engines may not count the link if two pages point to each other. This way, your pointing to your own article from your site and making sure it will get indexed.

2nd way of setting up an Article Swap/Trade:

1. Better known as an article link swap you are just following the basic structure and idea of a link exchange.

First setup a trading center letting your visitors know you welcome article link trades.

Second set up a guest article page which will have all your guest article links.

Third, start looking for articles on the web and offer to link to that article if the site owner is willing to link back to any one of your articles from your index.

What An Article Swap/Trade Achieves:

Since each article has both internal and external links pointing to it, all the major search engines should eventually find them and include them in their databases.

The links the search engines find will carry more weight because the articles only have one to two links on them, and because the article itself has external links pointing to it.

In addition, the links on your article will be considered highly relevant to your keywords, because they’re found on a page which has been optimized for the keywords you want.

When you find the articles you are looking for, contact the author and explain the benefits of exchanging articles. Be quite selective in choosing the articles for your site. Obviously, you want them well written and contain helpful information and/or resources that will provide value to the internet community.

Developing a broad and selective Article Center will not only draw more visitors to your site but will improve your ranks in the search engines. While having your own articles posted all over the internet will help build your own personal reputation as a valued resource in your field and will all lead to an increase to your online success.

I am a developer, designer, dmoz volunteer editor and consultant. I have been working in the computer networking industry since 1991, providing training, technical support, project management and consulting services. After working for 4 years for a major online company providing web development technical support services, I was offered a directors position in a large real estate corporation utilizing my web development and management skills. A few years later I decided to start a side business for myself and created Kosmos Central LLC a web promotion consulting company. Currently I provide my consulting services for the same company and a few more.

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