Army Blogger Ordered To Shutter Site

    July 2, 2008

A solider in the U.S. Army has been ordered to shut down his blog for writing posts that criticized his superior officers.

Blogging about the Iraq war under the pseudonym "LT [Lieutenant] G" since December 2007 the popular blog called "Kaboom: A Soldiers War Journal," detailed the daily life of the war describing firefights, combat patrols and tribal meetings.

LT [Lieutenant] G

The entry that landed the lieutenant in trouble with his superiors was a May 28 post titled "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage." In the post LT G writes about turning down a promotion to become an XO (Executive Officer).

"I want nothing to do with a lateral promotion to XO (Executive Officer) that involves becoming a logistical whipping boy and terminal scapegoat for all things NOTGOODENOUGH. I’ve been out here in the wilds too long, dealing with matters of life and death, to go back to Little America for PowerPoint pissing matches."

In a re-creation of the conversation LT G had with his superiors about turning down the promotion, LT G writes about the consequences of his decision and what his superiors reaction was.

"Fine, I’m not going to make you do it. (Even though I spent three days trying to do so.) But you are now on my shit-list, and I want to fuck you over for daring to defy and defying to dare. A bullshit tasking will eventually come down the pipeline, and I got a rubber stamp with your name on it. And yes, I know your performance has been outstanding, and we have consistently rated you above your peers, at the top echelon. Doesn’t matter now."

In his final post titled "A Tactical Pause" LT G explains why he had to shut down his blog. "Due to a rash posting on my part, and decisions made above my pay-grade, I have been ordered to stop posting on Kaboom, effective immediately."

He continues,"My ‘The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage’ post on May 28 did not go through the normal vetting channels. It’s totally on me, as it was too much unfiltered truth. I’m a soldier first, and orders are orders. So it is."

He closes the post writing, "Thank you for caring. Agree or disagree with the war, if you’re reading this, you are engaged and aware. As long as that is still occurring in a free society, there is something worth the fighting for."