ARM Buys Internet of Things Company Sensinode Oy


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Semiconductor company ARM this week announced that it has acquired Sensinode Oy, a software company focused on "Internet of Things" products. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the coming phase of the internet in which a variety of products and everyday objects are connected in some way, usually through low-power tagging solutions such as RFID or NFC.

Sensinode has been a contributor to standardization efforts for IoT protocols and low-power devices. ARM has promised to continue selling Sensinode products, including NanoStack and NanoService. The company will also be integrating Sensinode technology into the mbed project, an collaborative industry project seeking to provide open source software and hardware solutions for connected devices. ARM also predicts that Sensinode will give it a head start in coming markets such as connected appliances and wearable computing.

“ARM is dedicated to enabling a standards-based Internet of Things where billions of devices of all types and capabilities are connected through interoperable internet protocols and web services,” said John Cornish, general manager of system design at ARM. “Sensinode is a pioneer in software for low cost low power internet connected devices and has been a key contributor to open standards for IoT. By making Sensinode expertise and technology accessible to the ARM Partnership and through the ARM mbed project we will enable rapid deployment of thousands of new and innovative IoT applications.”

(Image courtesy ARM)