Arizona Cities Fight Over Google Site

    October 14, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Now that Google has announced it will develop a facility in Arizona, a trio of cities have begun to battle over where it will be located.

Arizona mayors rose from their beds with visions of property and payroll taxes in their heads, as the Arizona Republic wrote Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe are all vying for Google’s attentions.

The prospect of Silicon Valley meeting East Valley bears important significance for civic leaders, beyond the allure of fattened city coffers. Google has achieved a cachet with its name that few brands rival in the world.

Early consideration would have to be given to Tempe, home of Arizona State University. “Tempe is about high-tech, bio-tech, nano-tech business,” Mayor Hugh Hallman said in the report.

Chandler has Loop 101, a high-tech corridor with a solid telecom and power infrastructure that Chandler’s mayor calls “probably one of the hottest locations in the state if not the southwest United States.”

Mesa, like the other two cities, isn’t giving anything away with regards to the targeted marketing pitch it will make to Google. The report noted the prospect of light rail transportation could be a factor, to help future Googlers avoid Phoenix’s rush-hour traffic clutter.

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