Ariana Grande Sick of Miley Cyrus Comparisons


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Ariana Grande isn't a kid anymore.

The former Victorious star is slowly transitioning into adulthood and making changes to her physical appearance.

However, the changes haven't gone unnoticed. Several media outlets have scrutinized the 21-year-old singer-actress because she's been showing a lot of skin lately.

According to Yahoo! Celebrity, the "Break Free" singer is being compared to Miley Cyrus. Grande has even been accused of trying to emulate the "We Can't Stop" singer's style.

Due to all of the negative flack she's received about her musicianship, style and appearance, the Yours Truly singer has decided to set the record straight.

Grande recently spoke with Daily Star about the insulting accusations. The "Problem" hit-maker insists she's nothing like Cyrus. As a matter of fact, she's tired of hearing about the comparisons.

“I’m not thinking: ‘Miley Cyrus is doing this so I ought to do this too,” she said. “We are all trying to do our own things and be successful in our own right.”

Although most fans can probably see the distinct differences between the two singers, there are lots of similarities in their careers that may be the reason for the comparisons.

Both were child stars who began their careers on television shows that catered to pre-teen and young teenage viewers. Cyrus may be a "wrecking ball" now, but she was once the epitome of innocence, starring on Disney's popular series Hannah Montana.

Grande's career started out fairly similar on Nickelodeon, but she's determined not to let the comparisons put a damper on her success. Despite constantly being compared to Cyrus, the My Everything singer is ecstatic about the evolution of her career.

“I’m always excited by people evolving, changing and growing up,” she explained. “I just get to showcase it on stage. In the past month, things have changed drastically in my life. I can’t go out with a little bun on my head and no make-up anymore.”

Ariana Grande's second studio album, My Everything, is scheduled to be released on August 25.

Image via Ariana Grande, Facebook