Ariana Grande Is Dealing With “Problems” This Week

    July 10, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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It has been an odd week for pop singer Ariana Grande, one filled with both heartache and concern as well as historic achievement.

A few days ago, the 21-year-old songstress rushed to the bedside of her cancer-stricken grandfather.

Though the man is clearly ill, you can also tell in the images shared by Grande how happy “grandpa” is to see her.

The “Problem” singer even posted a picture of all the blankets she lovingly “bundled” around her grandfather’s “chilly feet”.

He is known as “Grandpa Grande” to fans of Ariana Grande and there have been numerous hashtags created in support of her ailing relation.

But speaking of “Problem”, the latest hit song by Grande, it represented some good news for the singer.

She made history when she became the very first pop singer to have a No. 1 U.K. single based on a combination of sales and streaming.

According to Billboard the song “Problem”, which features Australian-born rapper Iggy Azealia, sold 113,000 copies and boasted 712,000 streams.

The sales were measured by the Official Charts Company or OOC, which is responsible for the compilation of singles for the British chart.

In order to earn her spot at the top of the UK charts, Grande’s song had to be streamed for a minimum of 30 seconds. The OOC considers 100 streams the equivalent of one download sale.

While Ariana Grande seems very family-oriented in addition to her talent as a singer, there is one thing that clearly bugs her: The constant comparisons to other young female pop singers…like Miley Cyrus.

Though Grande admits to finding the comparisons “annoying”, the singer said that she tries not to think about it.

It’s true enough that the young pop diva has more than enough to think about as her hit TV show Sam & Cat is about to end.

No doubt Grande will be weighing all her options in the coming months.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • eric

    i like turtles

    • Yngsatchvai .

      I like artists that don’t have to rely on auto-tune!
      She’s cute though :/

      • anonymous1

        are you serious..have you HEARD this girl sing live !?

        • Yngsatchvai .

          No I have not. I just know when I listen to the song (Problem) I can hear it’s dripping with auto tune.
          I like her though, she did not go the trashy route like Miley.
          She’s has a cute doe eyed vibe going on.

      • Mark

        Ariana Grande uses Auto-Tune?… get out of here… Not even a fan of pop music, but this is a girl who started on broadway. Her singing is all her, and if any auto tune is added it’s probably to just get the stupid “pop” sound to it.

        • rose

          the thing she has is that she mumbles all her words and you can barely understand what shes saying when singing live drags her words out…she has a nice sounding voice tho..