Ariana Grande: Ballet With Chris Brown?

    March 9, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Ariana Grande broke out her ballet slippers to teach Chris Brown a thing or two. The two have been teasing music and lyrics back and forth via Twitter for a while now, causing fans to wonder what on earth is going on between the most unlikely pair.

Pretty much everyone knows by now that Grande and Brown are collaborating on something big–and it will likely result in a music video, given the recent hints the two have been dropping.

Ariana Grande’s manager Scooter Braun (yes, the very same Scooter Braun who also manages Justin Bieber) hinted recently about something big going on for Grande–calling it a ‘duet.’ Was he referring to Chris Brown?

Ariana Grande recently admitted that she loved getting back to ballet but that after years away from practicing, she was definitely feeling some pain.

Grande tweeted about that pain to her many fans.

She then tweeted about her previous tweet, and it was easy to tell how tired the Sam and Cat star was.

It was Chris Brown, however, who let the world in on the biggest glimpse of what he has going on with Ariana Grande, when he posted the following Instagram photo of the two of them together.

Brown captioned the photo very simply. It read ‘Coming soon!’

Ariana’s first big hit is called Yours Truly and it quickly rose to the top of the charts following its debut in September. Chris Brown, of course, has been linked with Rihanna, but is now dating model Karrueche Tran.

Can you imagine Ariana Grande and Chris Brown doing ballet–or anything else for that matter–together? Stranger things have happened….

Image via Instagram

  • sacra916king

    He’s feeding Ariana’s kitty if you know what i mean.

  • Ian

    So, she’s a part time stripper…I KNEW IT! >:DDDDDDDDDDD

    • April Mathis

      U a dumb Ass its ballet stupid mutherfucker

      • Nate

        So a stripper wearing ballet shoes, isn’t a stripper but a ballet dancer? lol

  • Ian

    Good for her, she’s really making herself look even more innocent by imitating sex.

  • james

    I guess she likes random beatings as well. Domestic abuse is attractive to some mindless females.

    • April Mathis

      Y do y’all keep bringing da same shiit up lyke he made a mistake DAT he not proud of I’m very sure u made a mistake DAT u r not proud of. He’s human every on make mistakes DAT not proud of and he apologize not only to rihanna but to the ppl who felt disappointed in him lyke give him a chance y’all bring it up every 5 min is y hiz anger is out of control y’all want let it go rihanna accept hiz apology y can’t y’all Luke he did nuthing to y’all Luke dats bullshiit y’all bullying hym trying to sue hym over shiit DAT never happen Luke give hym da benefit of the doubt he learned from hiz mistake give hym a chance instead of thinking he haven’t changed Luke nobody held jay z or diddy for they mistakes Luke get over yourself n just Lyke jay z and diddy they all made mistakes wen they were young…..

      • Nate

        Here is one mindless female.

      • JHM

        Said Female is depicted above.

      • Matt

        You are the biggest idiot on the face of the planet, learn to type and stop trying to act cool.

      • JWavy

        I’m sure you know how to spell, when you write like that you come across as a moron. Please, do better.

      • Marcus Garvey

        @April..How old are you? This isn’t regarding Chris Breezy. He made a mistake and it’s behind him. I am referring to your grammar and punctuation. When you are on message boards like this one, please use proper spelling—periods, commas, question marks, ect, where needed. I could not understand anything you stated in your post.

    • Andrea

      assumptions much?

      • Nate

        It is attractive to SOME mindless females.

  • Nate

    Coming soon?….A punch to Ariana’s face or what?

  • Kashif Tatari

    her acting so bad its good

  • Ashanae Seymore

    I think they will make a good couple if that didn’t happen with Chris brown & rihanna it mostly was her fault.:-) I don’t blame Chris I think every body deserves a second chance

  • Jeff Gales

    stay away from this idiot !!! he will hurt you as well as use you too !!! your voice is your ticket girl !!! you don’t need a looser like him to be a star !!! your already a star !!!!!

  • Dominique Daniel

    I find it funny that after all of this time, people still bring up Chris’ ONE incident as if regular people don’t do the same… Get a life, get over it, and stop being so damn butt hurt.

  • maya

    Please stop bringing that 5 year ago stuff alone. he already got to much to handle right now. I don’t understand why people won’t FORGIVE AND FORGET!!! At the end of the day no one really knows him and we all should just leave him alone..#teambreezy all day

  • Stacey

    Singing with Chris Brown eh?… hmmm..okay it’s official.. she’s DOPE XD

    • Max

      I hope you’re talking about the stupid kind of dope…