YouTube Users Already Part of Google’s Rumored “Google Me” Social Network?

Google to Require All YouTube Users to Connect to Google Account

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Over a year ago, Google announced that it would start requiring all people signing up for YouTube usernames to have a Google account. Now they’re going to start requiring all users of YouTube that signed up prior to that to connect their accounts to Google accounts as well.

Are you already part of Google’s new social network? Share your thouhts here.

Here are the reasons Google gives for connecting YouTube accounts to Google accounts:

- Improved account security. The Google Account system is robust and will help reduce spam across the site; users will get a slew of security and safety features that Google has spent the past decade developing.

A single account system. This may not mean much to anyone outside of the YouTube engineering team, but behind the scenes it’s extremely complicated to support two different account systems. Having all users on the same account system not only simplifies matters, but more important, it makes it much easier to use Google technologies to keep the site running smoothly (over two billion views a day and counting), as well as introduce new functionality.

YouTube - Create an account - A Google Account

There has been a lot of talk about Google working on a new social network (often referred to as "Google Me"). We still don’t know exactly what that’s going to be all about, but when people assess the success/failure of Google’s social media efforts, they often overlook that Google owns YouTube, which is essentially a giant social network (albeit one that revolves around video). Not everyone uses YouTube as a social network, but the more people that have Google accounts, the more people Google will be able to claim as part of its broader "social network".

As we have discussed numerous times, Google itself could really be seen as one giant social network, with different products representing different features. If you have a Google account, you are part of that social network, regardless of what "features" you may or may not use.

Do you think Google is using YouTube to bring its broader social network together? Comment here.

YouTube Users Already Part of Google’s Rumored “Google Me” Social Network?
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  • http://www.somethingcoolhappened.com Guest

    There is a new social networking experience coming this September. It’s called somethingcoolhappened.com. You can go there now to view a preview video and to preregister. With this site you can interact with friends, create your own unique avatars, upload videos, pictures or stories of something cool that happened to you or someone else! It is going to be awesome! Check it out.

    • http://www.theexpertseocompany.com andrew

      I will look forward to this new site you mention here.

    • http://ebooks-land.com Cher

      I’ll definitely check this out. This is more like facebook, friendster or what?

      • http://www.somethingcoolhappened.com Guest

        Think of this site as more like a combination of YouTube, Flikr, Facebook and then something totally brand new. With this site you will get your anonymity back, no more personal information floating around being sold off and you will get to be creative, compete with other people if you wish and just have fun in a great positive atmosphere.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Tom Nolan

    Call me a cynic but i’d suggest the reason Google wants everyone with YouTube usernames to have a Google Account is alot more to do with data capture than to help YouTube run smoother. As for the new ‘Google Me’ I wouldn’t get too exited…Googles’ previous attempts at social media have been poor!

  • http://www.gwavemastery.com/sq1.html Chris Lang

    If you take YouTube, Google Reader, Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, Google Docs, Google Latitude, Google Wave, Blogger, Picasa, Gmail, Gcaht, SMS messaging directly to friends phones, and tie them altogether in a wall type app you really have something. Then make this all available on an Android phone too.

    That is what Google is out to do here, not imitate Facebook. Google has simply built a social network in reverse, bringing in the wall page last.

    Also when you consider that you can use any of these world class apps independently without the wall, they become much more powerful too. And they are all open to the public, anyone can read my Google Buzz posts.

    And we have been logging into YouTube for two years with our Google profile and aligning our Google Friend Connect and now Google Buzz friends with our YouTube friends.

  • http://www.sunderlandfilms.com Sunderland

    Google has try two times before to make it own facebook clone, come on how hard can it be to put twitter, youtube and facebook into into one account.

  • http://tbeyond.com Patrick

    How many tries is this? I thought we had Buzz and that was it. To beat facebook in today’s age is very difficult, but then again it is really important for Google to keep trying to get up in Social Media.

  • http://rullyfajar.com Rully Fajar

    hi guest, what the different somethingcoolhappened.com with another social networking?

    • http://www.somethingcoolhappened.com Guest

      Please read our most recent blog post here: http://somethingcoolhappened.blogspot.com. The article really goes into some more detail on what sets us apart.

  • http://castlepictures.com David Rankin

    Google Me sounds like a classic Google move – a half-baked idea to extend its empire with no concern for privacy. It’s amazing that a company which can produce 2 good core products can consistently fail to come up with anything else.

    • Guest

      Because Google is a Jack of all trades, master of none. They are good for nothing. Even search results are irrelevant now.

      I’m curious to know what two products you think they came up successfully with? That will be only search. Youtube they had to buy it.

  • Shoreline

    Another reason they have to be split for abusing their monopoly power. I have no doubt they will be a thing of the past within the next 5 years. The government will split them up. The heat is getting close and there is mounting evidence against them. There is not one violation of antitrust laws but many in addition to violation of privacy laws, and not only in the US but Europe too. They have too much against them on their plate now, can’t grow anymore and their stock is heading south.

    www.insidegoogle.com is on their tail!

  • Guest

    I get so sick of being told what I have to do on the net. I don’t want to link into any stupid “social network” – I’m quite happy with things the way they are. I have a gmail account that I use occassionally and I registered at Youtube years ago. I’d like to just continue doing that without being dictated to. My biggest concern is online security (which I take very seriously) and I don’t trust google to provide it!! Of course I don’t!

    • Guest

      Ditto all of the above!

  • http://www.merlinsltd.com Guest

    It all part of Googles attempt at increasing numbers and data and You tube is a great place to gather more.. Still looking forward to Google me this might be the one

  • http://www.infovinity.com Sudeep Sakalle

    Have seen Google wave, Google BUZZ and other numerous lab functions from google. The company is trying hard to get into social market. Though they have some success with Orkut but need more American and European users.

    Sudeep Sakalle
    IT Expert from London.

  • http://www.work-at-home-business.com Guest

    Google keeps trying and it appears that they are not giving up. But this may their biggest challenge in trying to beat Facebook.

    • cuni

      The only thing Google will beat is the ground when the Antitrust boys at the government soon is onto them. LOL. Google has so many enemies with big pockets right now all over.

    • http://www.worldtravelingartist.com/about Alexander

      The best strategy Google could do, is to focus on taking over Facebook (or even Twitter) and take it from there. It would probably be the deal of the century, but on a long term it would cost them less money and effort then to invest into their own social network and build it from a scratch.

      On the other hand, I’m not sure if I’d be happy if Google would own Facebook.

  • uno

    With all their money, I don’t think they have the best of counsel. They are just walking into the lion’s mouth (the government) with this move.

  • http://cussit.com Diskussion

    I think if google releases “Google Me”, they could send an e-mail to the whole world. everyone will be a part of Google Me: Google News Abos, GMail-User, G-Talk-Users, blogger.com-User and so on..

  • Guest

    Facebook should enter the video market and kill youtube once and for all. I hope they do.

  • http://1mobileglobal.com Buzzirk Bryan

    Interesting,i want to see what Google will do to make Google me different than other social networks.I want to socialize live via our cell phones. cheers B.B.

  • Steven D.

    Im not a member of any of the social sites i got a taste of what was to come back when bolt was popular. Didn’t like it then. Now i find out that i HAVE to be a member of Google Me just b/c I have a Gmail Account from way back when they opened, and a youtube account from before google bought it. If this truly comes to pass i may be closing all my accounts. I should not be forced to be a member b/c …

  • Guestimate

    Sure, it’s to make things ‘smooth’.

    My other leg has bells on it, why don’t you pull that one too?

    Data mining, pure and simple.

  • http://aWiserSolution.com Rey Tamayo

    Google has a University mentality and they always take 6 months to do things that would take a corporation 2 weeks to do. And they are like babies experimenting on everything and playing around. But like babies they grow up and when they do they usually do things very well. Look how long it took them to monetize google apps and now they are doing well with it even if most people do not know about it. They have screwed up several times but they know 80% or more of their experiments will fail and they are ok with that that, again because of their academic focus.

    Google has two major failure that I feel are terrible and are still around (have not been killed) 1) Froogle should be killing specially with Google Cart (a semi-failure in my eyes), and they have never ever been good a managing user accounts. They do not make it easy to keep just one account. Specially for pros. I maintain like 40 sites for many different Google activities, I need to give access to my various clients to their own accounts so I can’t do that easily with a single Google account so I have like 40 accounts to be sure I can do many things independent of others. This is the major flaw I see in Google, not thinking straight about Google accounts. But with the success of Android I think Google has social network in the bag if they want it. But being super geeks that really do not understand anything social they have some more learning to do. They really do not get social network for the common mortal and that I think is their biggest challenge as social network for geeks has a totally different meaning than social network for the average joe. Still they have amazing socal network features built into android so they should do well even if it takes third party people to get them moving!

  • Guest

    Being FORCED into any “network”, social or otherwise. I was already beginning to dislike google, but I think I’m quickly heading into the I hate them department.

    I have a facebook account, but rarely ever visit, because I’m not interested in wasting time there. I hate how some web sites have a front page now that says “log in through your facebook account”… um… NO! Then you’re forced to search the entire page for a tiny link to sign in independently. If I wanted to share my all of my private information between every service I use on the internet I’d simply make a blog and post ALL of my user names and passwords for the whole world to see! In other words, WHY would I want ALL of my user names and passwords linked together in any one or all of the data bases of the services that I use online?!

    Every time you link one site to another, you’re giving up your personal information and privacy. It’s just stupid to do it.

    Plus it is NOT secure. A hacker cracks just one site and has ALL of your info? I don’t think so.

    Google says it’s to provide better security? Bull$hit.

    I’ve used gmail for about 1 1/2 years now, but I can ditch them just as easily as I ditched Yahoo mail after 13 years, if google feels the need to link every single thing I do on the web.

    Yeah, I think I’ve slipped into the I hate google department.

    • facebook

      Like :)

  • Guest

    I know a lot of people may disagree, but I personally welcome the “Google Me” concept. A lot of us who use many other Google apps would appreciate being able to stay with Google instead of finding our way to Facebook or another social site.
    If anyone can pull this off, Google can

  • http://www.7-seater-cars.co.uk/ 7 seater

    Problem is when your setting up you tube accounts for other people. Thats when it gets tricky.

  • http://www.zone4kids.com Libby

    Too many individual apps annoy me. Bring it all together. So what if you think they are mining data, you think that isn’t already happening?

    • Guest

      Do you leave your keys in the ignition of your car, because it’s too annoying to dig them out of your purse?

  • http://www.cargenie.com.au/used_cars_melbourne/ Used Cars Melbourne

    Its great to know about this new ‘Google Me’ thing, I am already apart of youtube and had to sign up through Google to get my account, so I must already be a part of it.

    Thanks for the info!

  • http://taxguru.in/ Guest

    Call me a cynic but i’d suggest the reason Google wants everyone with YouTube usernames to have a Google Account is alot more to do with data capture than to help YouTube run smoother. As for the new ‘Google Me’ I wouldn’t get too exited…Googles’ previous attempts at social media have been poor!


  • http://AskTheTrainer.com Michael Behnken

    I think google is going to try to clone facebook which I think they have a slight advantage because who doesn’t have a youtube account right?

    The only problem I see is finding usernames that haven’t been taken.

  • http://www.freearticlesmix.com articles

    Facebook is complicated but along the way we users have manage but we still having hard time I believe specially when we don’t want others to find out what we are doing, in facebook there is not to much freedom, so I hope in google me we have more privacy and freedom than in facebook

  • http://www.savewareworkspace.com MrSaveware

    As Michal Jordan states, and I quote; “I had to fail many times over to become the success I am today”. Like many athletes in training have to do. I think Google is realizing that and is trying to catch up, but it also Seems to me they taking there time to try to figure out how to tie all there products and features together. I still don’t use My Google page. It takes 5 seconds too long to log in each time. I still prefer my speed dial plug in for FireFox and use Yahoo for roaming email. I may try more of Google when they make it easier to use, more friendly. I always use there tools etc., because I have too, they benefit my business. But for fun and leisure, I think a lot of us don’t like to have to work too hard at creation and spend more of our time reaching out and socializing.

    Maybe Google Me is it.

    One for All and All for one.

    I still will always love facebook and being able to be close to family 1/2 way around the world. facebook has a big alliance of members. I for one would hate to try and get my family on Google as it took time to build them up on facebook. Not want to loose that. Makes me think Google has a long ways to build up there Social network.

  • Jolly Roger

    Google IS the big eye and big brother rolled into one.

    All you ever needed to know about Google’s motivations are encompassed in the data capture as they took the street pictures from the photo cars.

    Denied it until there was just too much evidence…

    The more google knows about you, the more money they make.

    YouTube and the videos you watch build a profile of you and those you share them with from solar power to cute dogs, sneezing pandas, anti-government films, spring break debauchery or gardening.

    This is profiling. They may say its for usability, services, ads … really it is more data for profiling no matter how much they deny it – if they deny it at all.

  • http://www.mlmwatchdog.com WPN reader Rod Cook

    I did it and did not even know it happened. As far as data collection…. how would this change between two accounts and one single. I think some folks are just too paranoid.

    Rod Cook

  • http://TelFriendsWorldwide.com John Powell

    I am fed up with people on the Internet, knocking Google.

    I could not have the business, we have, if it was not for Google
    Free Tools. Yes that right, Google give us all, good free things.

    And I will join Google Me and look forward, to many more
    years using Google.


  • PGS

    “The Google Account system is robust and will help reduce spam” ?? We are dreaming, aren’t we. Google’s T&C for Gmail has a clause to the effect of “we reserve the right to scan your email for key words so we can send you advertising based on your email’s content’

    So if you mention ‘wedding’ in an email, you should get ads for celebrants, function centes, hire cars & divorce lawyers. Suggest someone is a ‘bit of a playboy’ & you’ll probably get links to more girly sites (sights :-)) than you could imagine.

    Google is OK as a search engine, but I’d rather not use YouTUbe than be forced to have Gemail.

  • http://www.darkbird18.com Darkbird18

    I have been watch Google since 1995 and because they’re one of the first search engines online and collected and controlling data(Information) which is the key behind the Internet,no one understood this when the WWW come online in 1995-96? Who ever controls the information or Database, controls the Internet, so who ever have control of Google (Note: The Govt are other’s may have their hands in this) will control the end-user who need to search the Internet to find information. Like in Orwell’s 1984 and Toffler’s “The Third Wave”, warn everyone what would happen if the Information Age wasn’t taking seriously.

  • http://www.mydosti.com Guest

    Check out the social networking web portal MyDosti.com (http://www.mydosti.com) that already offers users with easy-to-use free services to store, connect, share and collaborate with friends and family globally to “Rediscover their long lost Friendship” and more.

  • Guest

    All Google wants is Data.. Even their new free background homepage ‘pic’ requires to you ‘login’ to get it.. Their recent excapades in capturing home wireless data (accidently!.. really!) shows what this company really wants.. Big Brother is back, he’s called Google

  • http://ecash10.com Ecash

    I believe Google is trying to find a way to compete with Facebook so they need more data about Youtube users. Facebook is their only competition they worry about.

  • David

    Google, reliable, trustworthy Google with “loads of security features” was hacked in China. And Google’s crack staff was blissfully unaware for months and months.

    The worst trend now is centralization of personal data. Yes, it is convenient for the user. One username, one password, voila, login anywhere. Whoopee. THANK YOU GOOGLE FOR SIMPLIFYING MY LIFE! NOT!

    For those of you who have trouble imagining this next scenario it will be because you have not truly lived enough of a life yet:

    A man or a woman is in the middle of a difficult divorce where children are involved. The lawyer for one side subpoenas “internet records” for character references to try to “get something” that can be worked to their advantage. A person’s internet usage is now coming under scrutiny in LEGAL cases.

    Get a clue–the internet is no longer a PRIVATE matter in many courts of law.

    Tie together complete records of every Gmail chat, email, and Youtube viewing history and you may be devastated at the picture of YOU that can be selectively edited to display you in a lawsuit as “mentally unstable”, “sexually obsessed”, “emotionally immature”, “racist”…whatever suits the lawsuit you may be involved with.

    Google is deeply involved in Cloud Computing as the major part of their model for Googlizing the whole world. Cloud computing involves putting your private details across a wide variety of computers so that it is always quickly accessible no matter where it is called from in the world. This means that instead of your personal data and profile being just hackable in ONE server it will be hackable across hundreds if not potentially thousands of servers in every continent.

    One fact has remained constant, if not increasingly prevalent, that hacking technology and the monetary and criminally funded incentives are jeopardizing internet data centers on a minute-by-minute basis. Almost every week you read about “secure” servers broken into and credit data, for one thing, being stolen and widely distributed to criminals.

    Those are the events that could not be hushed up. People deep inside the internet security business will tell you the actual level of data hacking and theft is frightening.

    Google wants to have every scrap of data they can accumulate on you to monetize it.

    I am now living in Europe and read a lot of stories about these Google Earth View vehicles that were DELIBERATELY EQUIPPED by Google engineers with very specific software to spy on internet traffic and even people’s home wireless routers in every neighborhood they were ostensibly “photographing”.

    Amazingly, it seems most journalists and commentators did not catch on and simply shrugged at Google’s assertions that it was all an unfortunate accident.

    All of the information the Google marketing department did about these vehicles focused entirely on their mission to take photos. No one at Google at any time mentioned that Google had spent time and money to install electronic wireless spying technology, had doubtless run it through tests, and then made sure that everytime their drivers went out to take pictures that they also fired up the electronics that sniffed for wireless router traffic as well as wireless PHONE traffic and recorded all of it. Deliberately saved the data day after day for analysis to see what other Google engineers could extract.

    Google did not “accidentally” gather this data. They did it secretly and did not acknowledge gathering this data until European authorities CAUGHT GOOGLE REDHANDED.

    Whatever Google is up to right now, it is being done in secret, trusting that if they have the balls to do it the public will not have the balls or the good sense to say cease and desist immediately.

  • http://www.123businessregistration.co.za Guest

    I think Google is tying up their social network nicely! It’s better to manage one account especially from a SEO point of view!

  • http://www.adoptionnewsguide.info donsdeals

    Google has become so big that they usually call the shots on anything they get into. However there are a few exceptions. They bought an auction site called eCrater that was very well set up, ran smoothly, and had a pretty good customer base. As of last month they still hadn’t done anything with it! Is eBay too big for Google to tackle while they are setting up their social network?? Watch for eCrater. IF Google decides it will beat eBay, it WILL…

    • Guest

      google does not own eCrater, Dimitar Slavov always has and still does.
      (and does one helluva great job, I might add)

      Also, eCrater is not an auction site. It’s a venue where you can have your own FREE fixed price store with your own URL (as a sub-domain of the ecrater site), while still being visible in searching the entire site from the main page.

  • http://www.siskiyouwebdesign.com Siskiyou Web Design

    Wow, they really are locking in things and pushing their products. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Google products, but the expansion and take over may not be good for everyone.

  • Guest

    This is what I see as the Googlization of the world. Mono-internet system is big enough for all, but as you know, it is market share and currently google wants it all. Monopoly is the word for it.. Not sure if there is a word for what is happening.. but slowly, google owns most of the internet.. so go figure if your eventually owned by google, and all your clothing is branded “GooGle”….


  • Guest

    I’m glad Google is doing what they are doing. They are accelerating their death. It seems every minute they come up with some idea that gets them closer to the wolf’s mouth. The government has so much antitrust evidence against them out there in the open is not even funny. They keep abusing their power. They want world dominance of every damn business out there. Only morons think they will get away with that.

  • http://northernads.nabweekly.ca Amanda Walton

    Personally for users who use many social network tools like myself integrating into connecting to our Google Accounts, this way it’s easier, faster access if it’s integrating the way I’m reading it. We need larger and more competitive social networks as a whole for businesses and those consulting businesses in using social networks to enhance their business marketing of the future.

  • Guest

    Google has failed over the years at their attempts with social networking. Personally, I don’t trust companies such as google and ebay that constantly try to make you connect accounts…

  • Guest

    Likely, Google uses everything to help further their organization. They are truly masters. Canadian Forces Social Network

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