Are You Submitting To The Yahoo Time Capsule?

    October 11, 2006

Yesterday (10-10-06), Yahoo! announced they would be launching an online time capsule based completely on user-submitted content (Yahoo! users have until 11-8-06 to submit their content). After the deadline passes, Yahoo! will then beam the collection into outer space. The beaming aspect of this project will be done at Mexico’s Pyramid of the Sun.

Potential contributors have a number of categories to pick from, including, Love, Anger, Sorrow, and Faith. During this process, Yahoo! will accept submissions in the form of text, video, images, and sound. Not only does Yahoo! have plans to beam this information to the stars, the company also indicated the “capsule” would be buried on Yahoo!’s campus (what, exactly, will Yahoo! be burying? A flash drive? A DVD-R? A number of hard drives?).

The time capsule itself sounds like a great idea, but it all depends on the amount of content they receive, however, when you consider the amount of people using Yahoo!, content shouldn’t be a problem.