Are You Optimizing Your Social Media Profile?

Social Media Often Ranks Well on Google

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Questions are frequently asked with regards to how social media and search engine rankings can be used together. In fact, I wrote an article on this subject a while back, in which I asked a few search engine marketing experts their thoughts about where social media fits into the SEO equation.

The general consensus seemed to be that social media is a good channel for people to discover your content and link to it on their blogs and sites. But what about just getting your Twitter page ranked on Google? Some think that social media profiles could take the place of corporate websites. If this is the case, you would certainly want your profile to rank well.

An article from Source Square looks specifically at SEO for the Twitter page. The author of this article details the five steps outlined here:

1. Use search engine-friendly keywords in your Twitter name.

2. Use reader-friendly keywords in your Twitter name.

3. Use keywords in your "more info" URL

4. Flood your one line bio with keywords (while maintaining natural readability)

5. Tweet quality contents, and build lots of links

In a recent interview with WebProNews, Dana Todd of Newsforce, who is a board member of SEMPO (the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization), talked about how social media frequently accounts for up to half of the top ten search results on Google for any given query. Perhaps more attention should be paid to the optimization of social media profiles.

It stands to reason that similar tactics to those listed above could be applied to Facebook pages as well (or other social networks). It’s all basically just good old fashioned SEO practice. Keywords, quality content, and links. You probably think about this for your website, but it is often overlooked on social media profiles.

Are You Optimizing Your Social Media Profile?
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  • http://www.alvinkoay.com AlVin Koay

    Great idea!

    I never thought of getting our social media profiles ranked to be important. I guess it will seem almost impossible to be ranked for competitive keywords such as “internet marketing”, etc because there are practically millions of profiles with that keywords stuffed in their profiles.

    Unless you are the number 1 celebrity in that niche and have tonnes of linkbacks to your profile, it is almost impossible for the general public.

    I guess getting your name ranked is more practical, IMHO.

    Regards, Al

  • http://www.greatestate.com Paul Weston

    Twitter is so full of spam, I expect that within a year that links to your site from twitter will actually _negatively_ impact your page rank.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com/ Official Safety and Security

    I’ve been doing this for a little while now and it’s great that you confirmed that it works. Thanks, Chris, for sharing.

  • http://asmarketing.wordpress.com Tweaking For SEO

    West Coast Vinyl is a step ahead we are doing this to rank for some of our big search term. Yes, it does work, and it is tedious to get the linking and inputing the info.

  • http://www.gohome.si nepremicnne

    Put your mindset to analytical mode define clear goals. Don’t just start “stuffing” keywords all over your social network profiles/pages. Be creative. Firs GIVE something to the highly appreciated visitors then you will GET more then you can imagine.

    • Chris Crum

      I agree. Old SEO principles apply. While you want to use keywords, you don’t want to overdo so that it becomes unnatural.

  • http://www.onlinegamblingsite.org/ sites

    You have introduced a lot of services which can be utilized to manage multiple social networking profiles. Thanks for the same. Though I do not complete agree with your view on joining all the social networking profiles because then you have to remember multiple passwords.

  • http://wnyheatingcontractor.wordpress.com/ Buffalo Heating Contractor

    the Twitter tips are much appreciated…my question though is how important is the number of followers you have… to actually SEO ranking? Is Google really showing “more love” to those with more followers?

  • http://www.writtenbysumer.com Spencer Spellman

    I wrote an article a few weeks ago about this as well. I agree that it’s basically taking what you do with SEO for your website, and doing the same thing over social media: quality content, keywords and links. The thing with links is that many sites put “nofollow” tags on links. However, I think titles, like in Facebook Fan Page titles, are a good place to optimize.

  • http://www.krisolin.com Kris Olin

    Using social media sites has become a good way for individual people to gain prominent positions on Google and other search engines. So, if you are your best product your self, then your chances for some SEO are quite good. Well, if your’e not called John Smith, that is.

    If, however your are a company, it is a bit more difficult since ther are not so many social networking hang out places for businesses. LinkedIn is propably the most useful one for that purpose. Twitter, of course is becoming a major player in business communications for this purpose now.

  • http://StepRep.MyFrontSteps.com Reputation Management Guy

    This is great advice. So many people and small businesses do not have any presence online. People need to be able to find you. The best way to dominate search results for your name or your company’s name is to interlinking profiles. I recommend taking it a step further though. Interlink your profiles with 3rd parties that have linked to you. With StepRep, we built a reputation management tool that will alert you when someone mentions you online (unlike G alerts, we look into social networks too). But then we provide a profile that you can pop those references on, request endorsements from partners or customers and add all of your other online profile links. (pls forgive the shameful plug)

    This is the important thing: It’s one thing to make sure you are found. But once people find you, what do they see? Do they see a bunch of stuff that you have published. That’s good, but when people google you, they want to find out more – they want to see what others think of you. Your reputation is more about what other people say about you than what you say about yourself. Interlinking your own content while also promoting good things that other people say about you is really embracing reputation management.

  • http://www.doghouseplans.net/ dog house plans

    Its nice to hear that social networking sites are really a great help in having a nice page rank in Google. Now, Twitter is one of those sites. No doubt this can really help a site owner.

  • http://bkkmodelsearch.com Max Cash

    Interesting ideas about SN SEO. No doubt they work.

    However, do you think anyone is actually reading the majority of the crap that’s coming out of social networking?

    SN is just turning into another sick source of spam in the name of SEO.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com Agency Collection

    In my opinion twitter is over rated. IMHO twitter is better for driving potential customers to your site rather than using it for SEO.

  • http://www.MarketingQuickiesBlueprint.com Marketing Quickies Blueprint

    I definitely agree that small businesses do not have any presence online and one of the easiest ways is using web 2.0 properties and we need to be looking at going after the longtail keywords.

    I’m starting to take a closer look at twitter. As I’ve heard that Google indexes every tweet as a page and they can rank on the first page of google for your chosen keyword phrase.

    Will check out StepRep as well.

    For ‘site’ who commented re joining all the social networking profiles because then you have to remember multiple passwords.

    You’ll find this handy tool will help you with your passwords http://www.roboform.com/

    Another great tool is http://www.socialmarker.com for bookmarking your sites.

  • http://www.themedseoservices.com Themedseo

    I have done the previous methods of SEO terms. That should come the best results. I need some more ideas for SEO terms.

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