Are You Hungry For PPC?

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A recent post at the Yahoo Buzz Blog about popular menu searches contains some really good information for those in the restaurant business contemplating a PPC campaign. One of the knocks on some of the bigger conglomerates is they don’t really leverage paid search as well you’d expect and this criticism rings true for the chain restaurant business.

Well, these major players are running out of excuses, especially when they are presented with logistical search data that shows people actual do search for subjects related to these businesses. The post in question – What’s on the Menu – details what chain restaurant menus are being searched the most.

Normally, data like this has to be researched using logs and other analytical features. However, because of Yahoo’s intervention, this information is available at the click of a mouse… and this data can be leveraged to initiate a successful PPC campaign if an enterprising company chose to do so. The list for most popular menu searches is as follows:

1. Pizza Hut Menu
2. Taco Bell Menu
3. Olive Garden Menu
4. McDonald’s Menu
5. Outback Steakhouse Menu
6. Chili’s Menu
7. Jason’s Deli Menu
8. Jack in the Box Menu
9. Red Lobster Menu
10. Wendy’s Menu

As you can see, data like this should be very easy to leverage when it comes to a PPC campaigns. But what if you are a competitor to one of these companies. Does this list affect you as well? In short, yes it does for the simple fact you can bid on another company’s trademarks, something Mazda did when the Google/Pontiac television commercials launched.

Effective PPC campaigns usually entail a great deal of research. Now, thanks to the Yahoo Buzz Blog, a lot of that work concerning chain restaurants has been done for you.

Are You Hungry For PPC?
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