Are You Getting Your Content in Front of News Seekers?

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Getting press coverage can mean a great deal for gaining traffic and overall exposure for your business. That said, there are also ways to take some initiative yourself in getting some exposure from news search.

Is news search part of your strategy? Real-time? Social Search? Press releases? Discuss here.

News Search Optimization

As Lisa Buyer of the Buyer Group talked about with WebProNews at SES last week, news search optimization is getting more powerful with social media and real-time search. Add these to older tactics like blogs and press releases, and there have never been more opportunities to get news-related content discovered.

Press Releases

Press releases can still be a great way to spread the word about any announcements your business might have. They can also drive traffic, particularly from search engines.

Back in the summer, PRWeb shared a case study with us, involving a firm that typically sees a boost in search engine rankings and a 50% spike in web traffic after they issue a release. In fact, for one release in particular, the firm saw a spike of 400% on two different Web sites, and the firm doesn’t believe they were from the same users. They also incorporate social media tools like Twitter to extend the "shelf life" of press releases, and say that drives additional traffic.

"When we included a link to our press releases on Twitter and other social media networks, we saw these both expanded the scope of distribution and the extended the longevity of the announcement," the CEO of the company behind the case study had said.  "With other news releases we saw an initial spike in Web site traffic on the first two days and then it dropped off.  With these features we’ve seen increases in traffic up to five days after the news release was issued."

Remember, Google News indexes press releases as well.

Real-Time Search

You’re probably already using social media in some capacity at this point. Real-time search presents an added benefit to talking about timely topics using channels that you are already using (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs, etc.). That doesn’t mean spam. Spamming won’t get you very far here anyway, because Google is pretty good at filtering this. We went over a few basic tips for real-time search optimization a while back. The recap is below, but you can find them elaborated on here.

1. Use keywords
2. Talk about timely events
3. Have a lot of followers (who can share your content)
4. Promote Conversation
5. Include Calls to Engagement

Real-time search is much more than just Google. There are an increasing number of players in this space, and with the rise in smartphone usage, mobile apps are giving consumers a lot of choices in how to obtain their information.

Social Search

Another great benefit of using social media means you get to show up in your friends/followers personalized social search results for numerous queries on Google. Newsy topics are frequently the ones that trend, and that means lots of people searching. If something big happens, there’s a chance that some of your social network contacts will search for something related to that, and if you have something to say about it, there’s a good chance they’ll see it in their results.

Of course people search with the social networks themselves as well. Facebook search queries were on the rise last time I checked.

Google News

Last September, we ran down a number of Google News SEO tips here. Google shared some tips of their own on the subject as well:

Optimizing for news search means more shots at showing up in search results period. Do you have other ideas about getting in front of news seekers? Share here.

Are You Getting Your Content in Front of News Seekers?
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  • http://www.enginesearchseo.com/ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Very interesting comments with lots of detail – thanks very much.

    It is particularly interesting how linked pages feed eachother and create mutual traffic acceleration. The key is quality content with relevant keywords that is therefore easy to find and worth forwarding on, tweeting, syndicating, etc.

  • http://www.write2profitonline.com/ Andy Gage

    Another great Article from Cris – WebProNews. Well written, informative, and ‘goes the extra mile’ in including lots of detail, Video clip relevant to the subject, plus more info links, etc. It certainly opened my eyes to the many forms of promotion I should be using with my site!
    Thanks! Andy Gage

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    Cris, your content is outstanding, thanks you!

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    keep it up

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    I have discovered that no matter what it is that you’re involved in, whether a business or an idea you want to promote to idea seekers, getting your message out there to those that are in the “want to know” crowd, media attention getting can be a both costly and time consuming thing for you. But, take heart in knowing that whatever you choose to do it will be well worth the investment. With my budget I have to look for the freebee’s out there for now personally, but I know that over time I’ll be able to afford to spend to get my projects out there to those who seek my subject matter I am selling. Be patient. All good things come to those who are wiling to perservere.

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    Why do you think I typed this? :)… SEO, baby.

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