Are You A Good Service Provider?

    March 6, 2002

There was a time when the term ‘Service Provider’ had nothing to do with the Internet, dial up, cable connections or broadband. In fact, when hearing the term ‘Service Provider,’ most of us would automatically think of someone who simply provides a service. Despite the business, service or product we provide, we are all in essence “Service Providers.’ As a matter of speaking when a client visits your site or business in search of a particular product or service, what most people are seeking is simply you.

Before you sell anything else, you are always selling you. People generally buy from those they like therefore if a potential customer likes your approach your chances are far greater that you’ll get the sale. But if you merely conduct a canned presentation and demonstrate no interest or concern for your client, more than likely the customer will go elsewhere. You can have the most professional sales pitch or an incredibly breathtaking web site but if you aren’t providing excellent customer service you’re missing the key ingredient to a successful business. It always was and is still a truism, that without your customers you have no business, therefore it is in your best interest to polish your customer relation skills or develop some new ones.

It never ceases to amaze me when I contact a particular company in search of a service or product and find the representative to be unfriendly, discourteous and totally disinterested. Regardless of the size of the company there is absolutely no excuse for discourtesy. When the reverse occurs, I am generally surprised since it is no longer the norm. I am usually so totally impressed with that rare individual that says ‘hi’ in a sincere friendly tone and actually seems to be interested in my needs that I barely know how to respond. Naturally, the latter is the one who influences my decision when choosing a particular business or company.

I am a firm believer that common courtesy and friendliness are the primary ingredients in developing a strong client base. Nothing brings people to your business faster than sincere, quality service. When you consider that your customers ARE your business, you will never forget that your buyer, shopper, client or user is your most important asset. I do not by any means intend to imply that the customer is always right because I don’t believe that at all. What I do believe is that the customer needs to know they are appreciated and valued, demonstrated by an attitude that conveys interest.

Whether you build, host or service online activities or simply provide a basic consumer service, what you are always providing is yourself. If you are one of those companies that promises the moon, yet when it comes right down to it, your service provider skills are sorely lacking, your business doesn’t stand a chance. Ask yourself honestly, how your service provider skills rate? With so much competition out there, you want to stand above the crowd. It doesn’t matter if you have face to face contact or even if you don’t ever speak on the phone, for your e-mail contact speaks volumes!

The next time you have an opportunity to make a presentation whether in person, on the phone or via e-mail, consider these few basic points:

  1. When a customer calls or writes, do you contact them within a short period of time or do you linger in your response? Remember that if you snooze you lose.

  2. When you communicate with a consumer are you friendly and interested in their situation or just interested in selling your product?

  3. Do you take the time to learn what your customer really needs?

  4. Are you genuine in your approach and eager to help your shopper?

  5. Are you willing to go the extra mile towards making your customer’s dreams come true?
We all want to make a good living but it’s been said many times that it’s more important to make a good life. The next time you have cause to communicate with someone via e-mail, phone or in person, consider again the term ‘Service Provider.’ Although there are such great advancements in the technological arena we all still need to know we matter to those who provide our services and products. Bear in mind that a bit of personal rapport along with good customer service goes a long way. Most importantly, if you own a company it starts at the top and filters down to your employees. Be a good role model. If you are interested in maintaining a competitive edge, be sure you are the best ‘Service Provider’ in the business.

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