Are Uighurs Being Discriminated Against in China

    October 8, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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The Uighurs are a Turkic ethnic group that lives in China and throughout Northern Asia. In ancient times, the main religions of this group included, Shamanism and Tengrism, then Manicheanism, Buddhism and Church of the East. Today, most Uighurs are Muslim. Recently, many Uighurs have felt that they are being discriminated against in China because of their religion and culture.

A recent report says that over 100 Uighurs have been detained for the spread of “religious extremism.” The details about extreme the religious extremism really was, were not released. China is often separated on religion and when a group attempts to push religion or pursue their religion in extreme and illegal ways, Chinese officials are quick to detain them.

Uighers have also had a hard time finding jobs in China. There are numerous jobs available throughout the country, but Uighurs do not qualify for many of them because of their ethnicity. Many truck driving companies will not hire Uighurs because they believe that trucks that hall gas and chemicals could easily be turned into weapons.

Many countries around the world are biased against certain ethnic groups and religions, so although unfair, such situations are not uncommon.

“The bottom line is that the Chinese don’t trust us, and that is having a corrosive impact on life in Xinjiang,” said Ilham Tohti, a prominent Uighur economist in Beijing. “And the way things are going, it’s going to get worse.”

Uighers have been blamed for many terrorist activities in China and say that they find it difficult to obtain passports and reenter the country after traveling abroad. The fear of the Uighers in China is so great that they are questioned about their daily activities on a regular basis so police and Chinese officials can be sure that they are not participating in terrorist activities or apart of separatist groups. Many Uighers fear that they are not given the same opportunities as other people of different ethnicities and with different religions and say that they are worried about their future in China.

Images from Wikimedia Commons.

  • T

    There is a reason why Chinese government is doing this.
    Look at yourselves before blame others for your own faults.

  • Oqya

    Hi T,
    Why would you pee?
    Because you can not see?

    The truth was covered,
    the messenger was insulted.
    looks like T,
    50 cents was consulted.

    There is no logic,
    what chinese is doing,
    against Uyghurs.
    Uyghurs have not invaded you,
    have not committed crime in Nanjing
    or Senkaku well in Chinese Diao Yu.

    DOn’t oppress them,
    go and “Bao Wei” Diao Yu,
    you are doing what dictator’s doing
    by forcing Uyghur kids learn Han Yu.

    Ms. Ellisha, the conscience person,
    a graceful writer have a sense of justice.
    With people like T,
    Who never contemplate about their actions,
    Chinese people themselves live in injustice…
    That is shame to the Chinese race,
    Pain for the Uyghurs,
    and burden for the world in years to come!
    don’t believe me,
    then do nothing and wait,
    surely you will see!