Arabic Search Engine In The Works

    April 25, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Addressing the lack of Arabic-language search engines, Saudi Arabia-based Integrated Technical Solutions is teaming up with German search company Seekport to launch “Sawafi” by end of this year.

Reuters reports that nearly two-thirds of Arab web surfers could not read English, according to Dubai-based Internet research firm Madar.

The lack of an Arabic-language search engine further limits the ability of Middle East Internet users to search the region’s 100 million webpages, representing just 0.2 percent of the whole.

“There is no (full) Arabic Internet search engine on the market. You find so-called search engines, but they involve a directory search, not a local search. There’s nothing available for overall Internet search,” Hermann Havermann, managing director of Seekport, told Reuters.

Havermann opined that without a functional search engine, there would be no motivation for web content to grow.

Modeled the same as other search engine, Sawafi will be advertising supported, targeting wealthy business in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.