April Fools: From Google

    April 1, 2008

Well you know Google never lets a April Fools Day go by without trying to pull one over on us. Over the years we have grown suspicious of Google around this holiday and this year is no exception. On the Official Google Blog they announced Project Virgle:

virgle image

Virgle’s goal is simple: the establishment of a permanent human settlement on Mars. Larry Page, Sergey Brin and I feel strongly that contemporary technology is sufficiently advanced to make such an effort both successful and economical, and that it’s high time that humanity moved beyond Earth and began our great, long journey to explore the stars and establish our first lasting foothold on another world.

They even offer a application to become a Virgle pioneer:

Apply to be Virgle Pioneer

Sergey and Larry even pitch the idea on YouTube video here :(:

They have even started a Google Groups thread on the idea:

Google Groups: Project Virgle

Lastly they layout the 100 year plan here:

The Adventure of Many Lifetimes: The 100 Year Plan

So the question is how many of us will bite? Not me!