Apple’s 2006 Developer Conference

    May 11, 2006

Excitement is building for Apple Computer’s Worldwide Developer Conference, at which its new operating system, Mac OS X Leopard, is to be shown for the first time. The company says that innovative ideas will abound at the event, with the number of sessions expected to reach 130.

During these sessions, developers often get to use new technology for the first time, and they are able to speak with the Apple engineers who actually developed the advancements. Apple prides itself on this point-“It is about the technology and the developers, it’s not about marketing,” said Ron Okamoto, vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “When developers use innovations as their strategy, we do well together.”

In addition to hands-on sessions and labs, there will be presentation sessions and feedback forums. Although the spotlight will be pointed at new technologies, past innovations will also garner attention.

Apple’s shift to Intel processors, for example, was the focus of last year’s conference, and will still be a mainstay of discussion at this year’s gathering: in addition to the usual Mac developers, some Windows developers are expressing interest in Apple due to the changeover.

Apple’s developer program recently exceeded 500,000 active members, with strong student registration for the latest conference, particularly from outside U.S. borders. With so many new faces, it all comes back to innovation.

“Innovation is one of the things we strive for and something that we believe is part of the culture of our developer conference,” said Okamoto. “It’s about inspiring people-at the end of the day we think developers have more fun working on our platform.”

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