Apple Unveils New “Get a Mac” Ad

New ad goes after Windows 7 pretty hard. Trust me.

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Apple has released a new commercial in their "I’m a PC" and "I’m a Mac" successful advertising campaign. The new ad is aimed directly at Windows 7, which was just released yesterday.

Which has the better OS: Apple or PC – Tell us what you think.

In the ad, which is entitled Broken Promises, the PC flashes back to previous versions of Windows and with each OS promises "it’s not going to have any of the problems my last operating system had. Trust me." Also you’ll notice that with each flashback their clothing styles change, and I use the term "style" very loosely there. Check out the ad for yourself below.

What did you think of the ad? Did it go to far? Let us know.

Apple Unveils New “Get a Mac” Ad
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  • Don Haslan

    Apple aren’t pulling any punches are they?

    I’m surprised the mac guy didn’t just say, “hey pc… F*@K You!” roll credits.

  • Guest

    Apple sells PCs with a proprietary OS. MS does not sell PCs; they sell software. MS needs a new ad agency to make their commercials. If I remember correctly, the newest Mac OS is called Leopard; the newest MS OS is Windows 7. Ok, Apple beats MS on the cool name part.

    MS needs to stop their utterly boring I’m a PC ads and start running a campaign about Win 7 (I’m a Window doesn’t sound much better but it has possibilities). If Apple wants to compete with MS, they should stop comparing their hardware/software combo with an MS OS. It makes no sense. While Apple commercials are little amusing, they are nearly as boring. From an advertising standpoint, they both need imrovement.

    I choose a PC (from Apple, Dell, HP, and other PC manufacturers) based on price and quality. I buy the OS based on its support for the hardware and software that I use or plan to use. I want commercials to provide info on making those kinds of issues. Admittedly, I really do like to be entertained while being informed. Otherwise, why watch?

  • Media_Pro_User

    There is no contest between MS & Apple when it comes to a platform for professional media content creation, editing and production,…. Apple wins hands down.

    As a 35 year professional media & entertainment producer – working in all forms of entertainment & news media production – I can assure you that where time is money (in this biz, more than any other, time definitely equates to money, either lost or earned), and downtime is the antithesis of productivity, Apple Pro products beat Windows & MS for both reliability and productivity. For me, to purchase and attempt to use MS Windows, is akin to tossing my money out the window of a jetliner cruising at altitude, jumping out after it in the hopes of catching up to it and, hopefully, being able to use one of the bills as a parachute to break my death fall,… i.e., it’s nothing short of an exercise in futility.

    For those who wish to spend more of their time actually being productive, rather than spending
    half the day doing hard reboots after crashes, Mac wins, period.

    Of course, I realize, this ad is targeted at low end, entry level consumers, not we professionals,… which, of course, do not need to be sold on Mac’s superiority over Windows. This consumer entry market isn’t as concerned with productivity as they are on basic functionality for simple uses such as surfing the web, sending and receiving emails, chatting online, etc.. Yet, even there, for those who wish to do those simple tasks without constantly fighting with their machine’s software, constantly having to reboot, or lose time, Mac’s still beat Windows.

    Did the ad go too far, you ask? No, … it doesn’t go far enough, in my opinion, it only scratches at the surface truth without really nailing MS for it’s crappy development policies and end product, as Apple well could. Of course, there are legal reasons that Apple doesn’t go farther, even if speaking truth, wasted time in court fighting a pointless lawsuit, being one of them, among others.

    Even for low end consumers, the choice should be clear enough and there should be no reason for any one to waste their time and money buying and using crappy MS Windows on a PC, today. Mac’s now run Windows and any and all MS products and products made for Windows,… MS Windows only allows basically 3 Apple Apps to run in it’s Windows environment, and those are products that Apple has had to purposely design to do so. In return, what do consumers get from MS? Can MS windows run Mac OS’s and Apple (or made for Mac) applications? The answer is, of course, no.

    If MS is really so secure in the quality and performance of it’s products, then it is long past time they open up their codes to the open source community, as Apple has, and allow developers and end users to work with them to develop products that are not only reliable, functional and cross platform, but focus on the end users instead of protecting MS’s virtually captive market share. But, of course, now, as always, MS is only concerned with dominating a market place with quantity at the expense of quality. That’s precisely why Apple continues to profit and make inroads against MS’s dominance in the market place today, Apple focuses on quality, versus quantity. It’s akin to the difference between a Les Paul Gibson guitar, and a 30.00 dollar pawn shop special guitar – made in some sweatshop factory in the Philippines out of pressed fiberboard, versus real wood – there is no real contest, for those who know the difference.

    The ads could go a lot farther, in my opinion. But, hey, what do I know,…. Apple knows what it is doing, the ads ARE working.

    • Guest

      Google stuff before you post them. Profits of Apple have been rising, but they still have a long way to go to reach M$, which has tremendous increase if you take into account the fact that it already owns the market. M$ isn’t even in the PC hardware market (well except keyboards and mice).

      If you think buying an overpriced PC called a Mac is a smart choice, you obviously haven’t been using a PC for a while now. Think of this: all the parts that make-up your Mac are standard pc parts now (they used to be mac only), the only thing that makes the mac more stable is that there are a handful of configurations to test, so they test them.

      Now if you buy a pc from a vendor that tests it’s configuration you will have a valid comparison (BOXX for instance). I don’t think that a BOXX has any competition from any Mac (I used to use a couple to work with on high-end game cinematics and next-gen games). Crashes are a thing of the past on a high-end tested pc, now if you think you can make a valid comparison between a Mac (a handful of configurations tested by I don’t know how many people) and any PC built by anyone – tested by nobody – then what can I say.

      I own both of course (I have 3 pcs a netbook and a mac) and I can honestly say that I can’t see any other reason to buying a mac than the cool exterior. The so called easy to use and functional interface is bloated in so many ways and lacks so many options that I prefer to do everything on a pc and then just transfer it to the mac for testing. It doesn’t even have a decent file browser, I found a program called Pathfinder in order to make it usable, but even that isn’t enough.

      Aslo don’t forget that crashes are almost always the fault of the user (it’s nearly always when I experiment with extreme settings and load it so much it can’t take it – for me) If you don’t know why it crashed it’s probably because you didn’t know what you were doing. A Mac won’t crash as often, because it won’t let you do what you are trying to do , it won’t let you experiment.

      It won’t let you render, play L4D and transfer a few gigs over LAN, while your browser is still on and you still have the chatting app on and Mozilla with a bunch of it’s tabs (BTW still didn’t crash, but it’s not a random PC) Hell what am I talking about, I bet half of the crahses on PCs happen while playing games (highly complex applications, not as tested as high-end applications and with far more unpredicatable results than dragging clips, applying filters and rendering results, especially when 4-16 players are playing at the same time) Of course Mac users don’t play games because there aren’t so they are missing the crashes, but they are also missing the fun.

      I have had Windows 7 since August and I think they are pretty good. I still think I prefer WinXp 64bit though (of course these were not advertised and only a few professionals know about them, not sure why) They are nearly identical to Vista and 7, but without the MacOS influence… Check them out.

      Why would M$ run MacOS apps? Nearly everything is published for M$ first and then goes to the MacOS. Also the fact that MacOS makes so many api related changes with every PAID perfomance booster hinders app development (see ZBrush – aka high-end modeling package).

  • Chris

    I used to us pc’s.. I think its a great commercial… What is too far? Certainly not this.. Now if the statement “hey pc… F*** You!” was made on tv, then that might have been maybe just a little bit too far and even though Im not a fan of this type of language, would have been downright hilarious.

    I think the commercial is pretty funny as it is, now lets see if there are issues with windows 7 as the commercial assumes by historical record. This would validate its accuracy for sure..

    I still have several pc’s and one MacBook Pro. None have windows 7, one has vista ultimate, not a very good experience with that..


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    • Kasey

      Damn spammers get everywhere! As if anyone’s even interested. (I’m referring to the comments)

  • http://www.quote-4.me.uk Mattwi

    We recently upgraded to BT broadband at home. It didn’t install properly 1st time and I had to scratch my head and run through a load of settings to sort it out which took me half an hour. I then went to my Mac with the installation CD. On the off chance I tried plugging it all straight in, and it worked, no CD etc. needed.
    This has always been the difference for me. If you need to install some hard or software, with a PC it’s always a pain in the a**e, with the Mac it just does it. I don’t want to be a computer expert, I just want to use it.
    I bought a camera, came with a PC installation disc. Exactly the same thing. Plugged into the Mac, just worked, 1st time, same with my printer, same with 3 different monitors etc. etc.
    This is the difference for me. It’s never simple on a PC and if I have to use the help function on either machine to find out how to do something, Apple always has a function that baby walks you through it in nice easy steps.

    Now as a graduate in appled physics and electronics I’m not stupid. If I can’t understand it, then it’s not simple and not many other people will. It just shows it’s not really been designed with the end user in mind. Do I want windows 7? Depends on whether it’s an improvement on vista. Like many people, I have gone back to XP on my day job machine.

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