Apple To Unveil Plans For 2005

    January 11, 2005

While fighting to keep a lid on leaks, Apple is preparing to introduce their list of upcoming items to be released this year.

Apple Logo

As with most computer-based technologies, many web sites covering Apple issued leaked reports of the products rumored to be announced. While bothersome, many companies take leaks like this in stride. However, Apple is not such a company.

In response to the leaks, Apple took legal action to stop the premature reporting. One site was hit with a lawsuit, as were individuals deemed responsible for the leaks.

According to The BBC, the majority of the rumors revolved around a Flash memory-based iPod; an office software suite called iWorks; and the release of a Mac computer, sporting a price tag of $500 or lower, Apple’s most inexpensive computer to date.

Although, until Steve Jobs speaks at MacWorld this afternoon, the speculation about Apple’s new products will remain just that.

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