Apple To Host Event On September 10, It's Probably The iPhone 5S


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Are you tired of waiting for the iPhone 5S? Well, you won't have to wait much longer as Apple has pretty much confirmed when we'll be seeing it.

Apple sent out some invites this week for an event that it's hosting on September 10. The invite only has one thing to say - "This should brighten everyone's day." An iPhone 5S reveal would probably do that.

Apple To Host Event On Sept. 10

The invite doesn't explicitly state what we'll be seeing on September 10, but a report from earlier last month pretty much confirmed that the iPhone 5S would be revealed on that date. It makes sense anyway as Apple revealed its last two smartphones around this time of the year.

So, is that it? Surely, Apple would have something else to show off at its upcoming event, right? As a matter of fact, there are reports that the cheap iPhone, now called the iPhone 5C, will be unveiled at the September 10 event as well. The iPhone 5C is reportedly a plastic iPhone that's more reminiscent of an iPod and it will come in multiple colors. The device is primarily intended for emerging markets like China, but don't be surprised if Apple announces it for North America as well.

Beyond the reveal of two new iPhones, we can probably expect some more details regarding iOS 7. Apple revealed its next generation mobile OS at WWDC back in June, but it's been through a lot of revisions since then thanks to developer feedback. Apple may take some time out to announce some small changes being made to the OS based on that feedback.

As for a new iPad and iPad Mini, that's still up in the air. I'm more inclined to believe that Apple will give its tablets a separate event later in the year. The iPad Mini was revealed in October of 2012 and I bet that we'll see something similar this year as well.

[Image: The Loop] [h/t: The Loop]