Apple Thinks Different About Pricey iPods

    June 28, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The company that revolutionized portable digital music switches some prices on its iPod line of media players.

Apple cutting iPod prices? What’s next, Pink Floyd burying the hatchet with Roger Waters and reuniting for a performance?

But it’s true. Not just the Pink Floyd thing. Apple has reduced the price of its 1GB iPod Shuffle to $129 from $149. The special edition U2 iPod now retails for $329. And the company now sells two white iPods, a 20GB version for $299, and a 60GB color screen cut from $449 to $399.

The U2 player now has a color screen and a lower price than its original offering. U2 fans who purchased early must be kicking themselves right now. Thank you Mr. Jobs.

Steve Jobs may be feeling the heat from competitors like Creative Technology and world-PC market leader Dell Inc. Those companies both sell MP3 players, though neither support the AAC-format music files sold by Apple’s iTunes Music Stores.

Apple also unveiled native podcasting support within the new iTunes version 4.9. As promised by Mr. Jobs at the D: All Things Digital conference, iTunes may be used to find, subscribe, listen, and manage over 3,000 podcasts from within the software.

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