Apple Tablet Coming in October?

    July 13, 2009

The Apple tablet is much like the Loch ness Monster, frequently talked about with no real proof of its existence.

Well, The China Times is now reporting that the oft-rumored Apple tablet isn’t just coming out someday – but it’ll be released this October… and it’ll set you back a cool $800.

Apple tablet photoshop job
Would you buy an $800 Apple tablet? Tell us.

The myth of the Apple tablet has been one of wild speculation and trumped up gossip from day one. Even though this news comes from a reputable newspaper, you can still color me suspicious. Below are a few snippets from the article, translation via MacRumors forums

"Taiwan’s high-tech supply chain companies said Apple will debut its first netbook in October; Apple will pose itself to tackle the Christmas shopping season. Three corporations – Foxconn, Wintek, Dynapack have received direct orders from Apple. (Wintek will be producing touch screens and providing relevant technologies for Apple.)"

This isn’t the first time that Wintek’s name has been associated with the Apple tablet. Earlier this year a rumor began floating around that they had supplied Apple with a slew of touchscreen panels… but the rumor eventually died away when nothing was confirmed.

The rumored $800 price tag seems to be distinctly Apple and I would have no trouble believing that price…

"Because Apple will adopt touch screen technology on its netbooks, Apple will not target low-end consumers, avoiding direct competition with Acer, Asus, as well as their less-than-500-dollars netbooks. Apple’s netbook (or a "tablet" as many call it,) will probably be sold at around $800 USD each."

So what do you think about this latest Apple tablet rumor? Is there any validity to it?