Apple Patent Case Against Samsung Stayed By Mannheim Court

    March 16, 2012
    Shaylin Clark
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A judge in Mannheim, Germany has delayed a proceedings in one of the numerous ongoing legal cases between Apple and Samsung. The case deals with Samsung’s alleged infringement of Apple’s patent on the slide-to-unlock feature on its iOS devices.

According to FOSS Patents, Andreas Voss, judge in the case, delayed the case in order to allow proceedings in the German Patent and Trademark Office to conclude. Those proceedings could result in Apple’s patent being revoked, which would mean an end to the case. The judge also expressed significant doubts about the intellectual property covered in the patent. A similar decision was reached in another patent case yesterday by the regional court in Munich.

These decisions represent a potentially significant setback for Apple in its attempts to prosecute the makers of several Android-based smartphones that supposedly infringe on the slide-to-unlock feature of Apple’s iOS devices.

Apple’s ongoing battle with Samsung shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon, though many of the cases are slowly managing to progress through the legal systems of several different countries. On Wednesday a court in the Netherlands ruled against Samsung in a separate case, declaring that Samsung had no grounds for legal action, due to Apple’s willingness to licence the patents in question on Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) terms.

  • James

    my nokia has the slide to unlock feature, are they next?

  • //n/a...lol radford

    Slide to unlock all the lawyers involved! They all get richer … no lawyer lo$e$!

  • Anony Mous

    Really? That’s like trying to patent how to hail a cab.

  • http://www.cleverenglish.comze.com Gerardo Javier Gálvez Arellano

    Knowledge is property of human kind. We should move as fast as possible into a world that eliminates patents and intellectual property except probably in the case of book writing. And in the case of books they also should be available at a low cost probably in digital form for everybody to be able to acquire one if he or she is interested in the subject matter. We have the suspicion that very frequently someone invents something and somebody else takes advantage of the commercial side and gets rich while the real inventors probably faces economic hardship. Of course this is a complex matter and can not be dealt with in a few lines. Of course if a company invested heavy in creating a system should be allowed to recover the investment. But the monopoly granted to that company should be for a short time. We have forces moving in opposite directions. On one hand we want people that invested to recover the investment, that is healthy, but on the other hand knowledge is property of human kind. And every advance is made taking into use advances made before by people coming from all over the world. So the move should be into a patent-less world as soon as possible. It is difficult I understand but is probably the best thing to do. Creating a book is a tremendous amount of work that spans for many years some times. I thing the author should be rewarded. We already have PDF format that is perfect for making e-books that are identical to paper-printed books. Now what we urgently need is perfect electric ink and a beautiful inexpensive devise to reproduce PDF e-books. More or less in a very brief review that is what I think should happen.

  • Grunj

    Apple is a Bully!