Apple: Panther Sharpens Claws With New Update

    May 4, 2005

Apple put out their latest security update (2005-005) on Tuesday. It has a number of fixes for OS X v10.3.9 and the Server v10.3.9. This patch provides a number of fixes for several systems including the following:

MACWORLD had some nice descriptions of the problems:

ApacheC : Apple has corrected a buffer overflow problem in htdigest that result in a remote system compromise.

AppKit: Apple has posted fixes for AppKit associated with malformed TIFF images.

AppleScript: A fix has been made for the way that AppleScript’s URI mechanism displays code.

Bluetooth: This update makes changes to how Bluetooth file exchange is handled in order to improve security. It also enhances filtering for path-delimiting characters.

Finder: The Finder has been updated with improved handling of .DS_Store files.

Help Viewer: Help Viewer could be used to run Javascript without the normally imposed restrictions; this update corrects that.

Terminal: Malicious content could inject data when displayed in a Terminal session. The issue has been corrected.

VPN: A buffer overflow in “vpnd” could be used by a local user to obtain root privileges if the system is configured as a VPN server. This update prevents the buffer overflow from occurring.

Thanks to the MAC website and MACWORLD for the information. If you need more, please check out Apple’s Web site

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