Apple iTV May Come In 42”, 50” Models


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The last few weeks have seen a significant increase in the number of rumors surrounding Apple’s long-fabled iTV. USA Today stirred the pot late last night with reports that the iTV may be larger than some previous rumors had reported. While most reports thus far have limited the device’s size to the 32-37-inch range, this report suggests that it will be larger. Citing a source at Apple, the reports claims that Apple is planning for a 42-inch device, and that Apple’s head of design, Jonathan Ive, even has a 50-inch version in his shop.

Other rumored features of the device include Siri integration, the iOS operating system with access to App Store apps (a feature currently lacking with the Apple TV). AirPlay, iCloud, and other means of integrating the television with users’ other Apple devices are likely as well.

Meanwhile, Apple appears to be in negotiations with various entertainment companies to bring customized content to the iTV. According to rumors, Apple wants to offer customers access to customized channel lineups. Unfortunately - but alas, not unexpectedly - the entertainment companies are reluctant to enter into any such arrangement, given the money they make from their current business model.

Assuming that Apple really is working on an iTV, which seems likely at this point, this report about the larger sizes makes sense. However revolutionary the streaming technology, the television market is very much one in which size matters, and Apple has to know that. If Apple intends for the iTV to replace people’s living room TVs, they will have to account for the fact that some of us have very large TVs in our living rooms.

[Source: USA Today]