Apple Is The 8th Most Valuable Brand Worldwide


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Interbrand has released their annual ranking of the top 100 brands in the world. While there aren’t a whole lot of changes on this year’s list, there are a few surprises. Nissan, John Deere, and HTC are new on this year’s list, coming in at 90, 97, and 98, respectively.

Most of the top 10 have held on to their spots from last year. Coca-Cola retains the #1 spot, followed by IBM, Microsoft, Google, and GE. The big news this year is Apple. In a year when most brands moved no more than a handful of spots in either direction, Apple jumped nine places to become the eighth most valuable brand in the world. With an amazing 58% change in brand value, Apple went from 17th place last year to break into this year’s top 10. Most other companies moved no more than three or four positions. The only change comparable to Apple’s was by Johnson & Johnson, which dropped eight places, falling to 83rd from 75th.

Apple’s surge is impressive, but not all that surprising, given the year the company has had. What will be interesting is to see where Apple is at this point next year, considering the changes in the company at the end of 2011, and the launch of whatever new products - iPad, iPhone, maybe an iTV - coming up this year.

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[Source: Interbrand]