Apple Introduces an Even Smaller iPod

    September 7, 2005
    Chris Crum

Apple today announced that they are doing away with the iPod mini, as the company introduced the new iPod nano, which is even smaller but can hold up to 4GB.

Instead of using a hard-drive for storage, this iPod uses Flash memory, which allows for a smaller design, and of course more convenience, that is if you don’t lose it.

The nano comes in both black and white, as well as 2GB and 4GB versions. It has everything that the mini had, but has added new features such as a color screen, the ability to view pictures, and podcast support via iTunes.

Apple’s best-selling iPod so far has been the mini, and the company hopes that the nano will pick up right where that left off in terms of success.

Apple also introduced today, Motorola’s much-anticipated iTunes phone, which has been named the ROKR. iTunes itself also recieved an upgrade to version 5.0.

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