Apple Finally Unveils Much Anticipated Tablet – the iPad

Steve Jobs Presents iPad at Apple Event

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Steve Jobs took the stage in San Francisco today to announce what he referred to as a "magical, truly revolutionary product."

After talking up Apple’s history and how many iPods they’ve sold and apps they have in the app store, Jobs began talking about the need for a product between the laptop and the smartphone – something that would be better at things like browsing, email, photos, video, music, games, and eBooks. He took a shot at netbooks saying they weren’t better than anything (knocking their speed, displays, and software), and then unveiled the iPad.

It looks generally like a taller, wider version of the iPhone. It can be turned anyway to view a page. He showed off what the New York Times looked like on it. It almost looks like a full-color newspaper.

The keyboard displays on the touch screen. The iTunes store is bult in, and has a screen ideal for watching movies. It will run all iPhone apps and have its own. There is a new software developer kit available.



– Dimensions: .5 inches thin, 1.5 pounds — 9.7 inch IPS display 

– The device has 10 hours of battery life according to Jobs. (one month stand-by time)

1GHz Apple A4 chip, stockage flash 16-64GB , Wifi 802.11n, bluetooth

Accelerometer & Compass, Speaker, Microphone, 30-pin conect

– Use GSM microSIMs

The iPad syncs over USB like the iPhone/iPod. Every iPad has Wi-Fi, but some models will have 3G. Data plans: one plan 250MB of data a month for $14.99 and unlimited for $29.99 a month (free use of AT&T hot spots). There’s no contract. It’s pre-paid, and you can activate it right from the device. Jobs says they’re hoping for international deals to be in place in the summer.

Pricing starts at $499. That’s for the 16GB version. The 32GB and 64GB versions are $599 and $699 respectively.

Apple will be shipping the device in 60 days. 3G models will ship in 90.

It’s amazing how much criticism the iPad is facing on Twitter even before the announcement is over. A lot of people are making jokes about the name (and maxi pad commercials).

The full press release is now available here.

There’s already a dashboard widget for Mac OS X on Apple’s site called the iPad.

Apple Finally Unveils Much Anticipated Tablet – the iPad
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  • http://www.duranseo.co.il Duran seo

    it looks amazing, i love the blackberry as a cellphone and as my office.
    but as a personal computer it looks really hot !

    • Guest

      of course I haven’t used it…
      but it isn’t a laptop replacement unless you think a computer is only for email and internet and movies and games(do pc games work on it).

      Computers run science, graphics, word processing programes-they merge all the work people do.
      They actually make something
      in the digital common language

      this gadget merges some of the play-
      without a stylus, it is not even a pad
      just finger controls-hmm-point and shoot-let your fingers do the walking-
      didn’t microsoft introduce this with quite a bit of pride a few months ago.

      without a lid- it will require the cheapo case/sold separately
      or will be scratched and scruffy like ipods-and this time it will matter.
      a slide down screen cover would have been cool.
      maybe all the designers could have thought of something besides -big ipod ?
      like how to carry it-

      How does it interface into the apple operating system-like a disk-can notes and files be copied onto your actual computer and vice versa?

      What kind of real work tool is it?
      annoyingly plugged directly into itunes-a personal sales tool for books movies songs

      and -what does “up to 10hours” battery life mean-about the same as a laptop?

      Where is the indispensibility, the tool you -need- to have with you
      Whatever happened to handwriting-even voice recognition-some people don’t type their notes-they actually will still need a paper notepad-after all that.

      Where is apple’s awesome step to replace the -should be by now gone- clamshell/ laptop?
      Where is the sci-fi slate?
      how about being able to access your desktop remotely from it.

      I think the price is shocking-for an email, browser-16gig movie watcher-oh I forgot -better than kindle-book reader
      almost as much as a macmini-apple’s tiny cool desktop pc.

      nice sales job though-everybody at apple smoothly saying what a miracle it is.
      and maybe they are right-all the teenagers, soldiers, dearest wish from santa.
      but that’s the miracle of sales not invention, or progress.

  • Guest

    It’s a big iPod touch. Stop the presses.

  • http://geekyfaust.info Faust

    i think it’s a bit pricey compared to other netbooks in the market. does not have the necessary ports of a standard laptop..

  • http://www.marikinavalley.com JC

    ^yes it is an overgrown iPod Touch.. hahaha but a little worse than expected…
    see web pro’s review about it…
    or this http://www.marikinavalley.com/technology/ipad-ifail/ it just failed to impress me

    bottom line.. iPad = iFail

  • Guest

    4 Reasons not to get an ipad: no flash support(no youtube, facebook or really almost any website), can’t multitask(lol), has no keyboard(cus there no care for the blind) or built-in dvd drive(so wait, no youtube videos or dvds, now what?)…. Please why do I want a plate!

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